• Equipment Evaluation and Inclusion

    Download Equipment Submittal Application Form

    Vendors and manufacturers may submit items for evaluation and possible inclusion on the ITS and Signals Qualified Products List. The following information outlines the submission and review procedure. 
    New Equipment Submission:
    To submit equipment for evaluation, follow the steps below. Please follow all steps to assure consistency in our evaluation process.


    1. Identify the item or items that your company will be submitting for approval and listing.

    2. Complete one Equipment Submittal Application in its entirety for each submitted item. Be sure to clearly define the item being proposed for inclusion on the ITSS QPL. An Equipment Submittal  Application can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page.

    3. Along with the Equipment Submittal Application for each product, include the following:

    - manufacturer’s name and address

    - the manufacturer’s exact model number and software version (if applicable)

    - equipment data and specification sheets

    - a list of several current users of the product

    - a report certifying that the vendor has evaluated the product against NCDOT specifications

    - the vendor contact person to consult regarding the ITSS QPL application

    Providing this information will greatly speed the evaluation process. Please allow fourteen days for the application to be entered into the NCDOT ITSS QPL evaluation system.

    The form(s) and product(s) should be sent to the address in the Contact Information section on the QPL Main Page.

    Tracking Number:
    Upon receipt of the form, the state will assign each product a tracking number for correspondence purposes. The submitting vendor will be notified of the tracking number approximately two weeks after receipt of the submittal package.
    Product Sample Request:
    The Transportation Mobility and Safety Division may request one or more product samples. If so, vendors will be given two calendar weeks to submit the sample(s). Should the sample(s) not arrive in this time period, the submittal package will be placed on inactive status until the sample(s) arrives. The processing procedure time will start over upon receipt of late sample(s). Unless otherwise stated in the sample request, the sample(s) supplied to NCDOT will not be returned.
    Evaluation Results Notification:

    Upon completion of the evaluation, the Signals Management Section of the Transportation Mobility and Safety Division will notify the vendor as to the acceptance or rejection of the product which was submitted. If accepted, a Manufacturer’s Product No. Assigned by NCDOT will be assigned to the product. The Manufacturer’s Product No. Assigned by NCDOT must be referenced in all future correspondence. If the equipment item is rejected, the vendor will be notified and the item will retain its tracking number for correspondence purposes. 

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