• Introduction to Online QPL

    Users should be aware that the list may be updated once a month during the first week of the month. The last updated date of the online QPL database can be seen in the search frame below. Follow the instructions below to create and print a list. You can also save this list as an Excel file.

    Enter one or more of the search criteria in the bottom frame and click the "Search" button. 

    A search results page will be displayed in the top frame. Each item listed in the search results will have a check box to its left.

    Check each product you wish to add to your submittal list and then click either of the two "Add / Delete" buttons, located at the top and bottom of the page. You will see these items added to 'Your List' at the bottom of the top frame.

    You can continue to add to (or subtract from) 'Your List' by clicking on the check boxes and hitting Add / Delete. You can also perform another search and 'Your List' will carry over to the new search results so that you can continue to search and add items to your list.

    When you have completed your list, click the 'Finished' button in the bottom frame. You will then enter the appropriate TIP, Project and Bid Line numbers. 

    Clicking the 'Display' button will than display 'Your List' and numbers so that you can then print them.

    You can print your list off by hitting the 'Print' link in the bottom frame. This will bring up a printer dialog box. You may want to change the page orientation property to Landscape so that you can fit all of the information on one screen.

    If you then hit the 'Print To Excel' button, you can print your list out to an Excel File.

    Please note that you can not combine products from different years and if you switch to a different product year, any items accumulated in your 'user list' will be cleared.
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