• External Users – Create a Business NCID

    New External Users will need a BUSINESS NCID to access Connect NCDOT sites.  An individual NCID will not work properly for access to Connect NCDOT sites.  Follow these steps to create your Business NCID and access to the Permits site.

    1. Click this link to create your Business NCID:  https://myncid.nc.gov  click the Register Now.​ When you set up your account for the first time the Password will be a temporary password.  You will be asked to change your password once you are applied to the DOT site.​

    2. Please check your email to complete the registration process or you will have to re-register again after 3 days. Follow the link in the email to confirm your email address. Then fill out the form below - Request Permits Access. 

    3. Once your NCID is synced and added to the DOT site you will receive another email letting you know you have been added and You must then follow the link in the email to change your password BEFORE YOU CAN ACCESS the DOT site.

    Important:  Make sure that Steps 1 and 2 above have been completed prior to submitting the Request Permits Access form shown below. 

    Step 3 will be done after you have been synced and added to the DOT site and must be done before you can access the site.

    ALL USERS (NCDOT and External Users) - Request Access to the Permits Site​

    ​ ​

    Once your BUSINESS NCID has been created, (and External Users have completed the registration process), enter your NCID information in the form below to request access to the Connect NCDOT Permits site.​  

    NCDOT employees should use their existing DOT NCID username and enter NCDOT as the Full Company Name​.

  An existing Business NCID or DOT NCID is a prerequisite to completing this form.
* Required fields
   NCDOT employees enter your DOT NCID Username

   NCDOT employees enter NCDOT   

Thank you. Your information has been submitted.
A member of the Utilities team at NCDOT will review your request and add it to the site. Once it’s been added, they’ll Email you at the address you provide to let you know you have access. For any additional questions, please Contact Us.

  • I​mportant:  This process is not aut​​omated.  Please allow two business days to process your request.  If you did not complete the NCID registration process or establish a Business NCID account, this will delay access to the Connect NCDOT Permits site.

    You will receive an email notification that your request has been received and is being processed.  A subsequent email notification will be received when access has been granted, or if additional information is required.  If you have been granted access, select Permits Login (green button) above the section Help Guides.​​

Utility Encroachment Agreement Form Requirements

This document provides guidance on how to properly complete NCDOT Utility Encroachment Agreement Forms.  It details what information should be provided in each of the agreement form fields as well as how that information should be formatted.  ​

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