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    Bicycle safety and education is an integral part of the Integrated Mobilty Division's ​​purpose. To promote bicycle safety, which includes helmet usage, the Bicycle Helmet Initiative selection process awards helemts to eligible government and nonprofit agencies. Helmets will be awarded and distributed once per calendar year in the spring and awardees will have the remainder of the calendar year to host their program. Selected applicants meeting the criteria will be awarded helmets to distribute to low income children. The applicants must file a report about the distribution event within 30 days after the event occurs or at the end of the year (see timeline below).​


    The primary goal of the Bicycle Helmet Initiative is to reduce child/youth bicycle fatalities and serious injuries, including head trauma, in North Carolina.


    Funding for the Bicycle Helmet Initiative is made possible through the “Share the Road" specialty license plate.  Persons dedicated to bicycle safety in North Carolina have continued to support this initiative and have made thousands of helmets available to children.


    Applicants have the option of requesting 25, 50, 75, or 100 helmets in the application. The more helmets that are requested, the stronger the application must be in describing the event and benefit to the community. Therefore, we recommend applicants request an amount they are certain can be distributed at the planned event. The helmets will come in a variety of sizes designed to fit children and youth unless specified on the appication.

    Additional​​ Guidelines

    Applicants are encouraged to partner with groups in the community to extend the outreach of bicycle safety awareness. Examples of partners include police/fire departments, parks and recreation departments, health departments, community centers, churches and non-governmental groups.

    Applicants must provide contact information for the person who will be overseeing the bicycle safety program where helmets will be distributed.  All questions on the application must be completed within the space provided.

    The awards committee will work to create equitable distribution of helmets across the state by considering geography, the number of helmets requested, and the size of the municipality or applying entity.

    To be considered for the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Award, the application is to be filled out completely and submitted by the application deadline of February 9, 2024. The Integrated Mobility Division reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of helmets awarded to each applicant based on the availability of funds.

    Applicants are required to specify a valid physical commercial shipping address on the application (PO Boxes are not acceptable. Residential addresses are not acceptable).  The helmet supplier has strict shipping policies and screens all addresses before shipping. Delivery addresses which do not meet these criteria will not ship and will cause significant delays in helmet delivery. Please note that in the event of an award, helmets will go to the qualified address and the applicant is responsible for ensuring that someone can receive them. 

    Criteria/Re​​quirements for Applying

    • Applicants/Organizations must be located within North Carolina and activities must take place in North Carolina.
    • Applicants must be government entities or nonprofit organizations.
    • Helmets should be distributed to low income children 17 & under.
    • Bicycle safety programs should consider ways to identify and invite children in the community who would benefit most from receiving a helmet through this initiative.
    • Bicycle helmet distribution is intended to coincide with a bicycle safety education program.
    • Helmets cannot be received for personal need.
    • Helmets cannot be sold.
    • Helmet distribution must take place within the awarding calendar year unless otherwise granted approval.
    • Awardees will submit a report on their bicycle program within 30 days following event (Final deadline for report/ status update is December 31, 2024).

    Useful Links:

    • ​​2024 Application- LINK

    Guideline for Reporting.docx

    Impo​rtant Da​​tes

    Key dates for the 2024 Bicycle Helmet Initiative cycle.​

    Call for Applications
    January​ 4, 2024
    Application Submission Deadline – 5:00 pmFebruary 9, 2024
    Award Notification / BOT Approval
    March 2024
    Awardees Receive HelmetsBy April 2024
    Final Bicycle Event Report Submission DeadlineWithin 30 days of event or end of the awarding year

  • Application Submission

    2024 grant call is CLOSED.  Grant closed February 9th at 5pm, EST. Please check back again in the fall for the call for 2025.

  • Contact Information

    For questions, please contact Kim Nguyen, Transportation Planner at  kpnguyen1@ncdot.gov​ or at (919)-707-4676

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