• CLEAR Program

    The CLEAR Program collects lessons learned, innovative ideas, and best management processes to be shared throughout the Department.
  • Constructability Review Program

    The Constructability Review Program reviews projects during development identify, examine, and resolve constructability challenges through a partnership with the AGC.
  • Cost Containment

    Each Project Team should consider cost containment measures to reduce the Construction and long-term Maintenance costs for a project in Development.
  • Project Knowledge Sharing

    This site is for the sharing of Lessons Learned and Best Practices from industry partners. In addition to the Post Construction Assessments and CLEAR updates industry partners.
  • Risk Management Program

    The Risk Management Program applies a risk assessment process to projects and programs to identify and mitigate potential risks.
  • Value Engineering Program

    The Value Engineering Program applies FHWA's value analysis through Value Engineering studies prior to the project letting.
  • Value Engineering Proposals Program

    The Value Engineering Proposal Program supports Contractor time and money saving ideas through review of proposals submitted by Contractors during construction based on the Specification.
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