• About The Digital Transformation Program
    The rapid evolution of technology offers the opportunity for NCDOT to transition from traditional paper-based workflows in final design and construction to the use of digital tools and modeling. Digital Transformation will work to implement these tools and workflows on projects across the department and state. Digital Transformation will also seek to connect disparate systems and/or applications to unlock value of data across the organization.

  • Contractor Digital Readiness Survey - Results

    NCDOT is taking efforts to become a more digital and data centric organization that enhances lifecycle delivery and transportation asset management activities. Impacts to the construction industry could include building from an NCDOT-provided 3D Design model, providing Digital As-Builts, and more.

    A recent survey of the contracting community was routed through AGC to assess industry digital readiness as we move towards a more reliable 3D Model delivered to Construction.  

    The full results of the Survey can be found in our Helpful Links section:   

    AGC Survey Results - Digital Readiness.pdf

    Contractor Survey - Software used for 3d models.jpg
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