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Research and Development Unit


The Research & Development Unit oversees transportation-related research that investigates materials, operations, planning, traffic and safety, structures, human environments, natural environments, and more.


The Research & Development unit solicits, selects, and monitors all State Planning and Research-funded research projects, which are conducted primarily by state colleges and universities. More information on the State Planning and Research Program (SP&R) can be found on the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) website.


​NCDOT Research Projects

Browse and search our comprehensive list of research projects, a knowledge-base built around NCDOT and partner efforts in researching materials, pavements, structures, operations, planning, traffic safety, and more. Includes completed and on-going projects.

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About the Transportation Pooled Fund Program

When significant or widespread interest is shown in solving transportation-related problems, research, planning, and technology transfer activities may be jointly funded by several federal, state, regional, and local transportation agencies, academic institutions, foundations, or private firms as a pooled fund study.
To qualify as a pooled fund study, more than one state transportation agency, federal agency, other agency such as a municipality or metropolitan planning organization, college/university or a private company must find the subject important enough to commit funds or other resources to conduct the research, planning, and technology transfer activity. If a subject has been studied previously, the new study should provide new information that will complement or advance previous investigations of the subject matter.
A federal, state, regional, or local transportation agency may initiate pooled fund studies. Private companies, foundations, and colleges/universities may partner with any or all of the sponsoring agencies to conduct pooled fund projects.
More information on the Transportation Pooled Fund Program (TPF) projects can be found on the Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) website. To request NCDOT participation in a new or ongoing study, please fill out the form show on the right and submit to Research and Development.



The NCDOT library was originally created to house meeting agendas and minutes for the State Highway Commission, now the NC Board of Transportation. Over time, the library expanded to become a repository of many transportation related documents.

The Collection Includes:
  • Books on many transportation and engineering related topics
  • Research and Government Reports (NCDOT Research Reports, TRB publications, and AASHTO publications)
  • Transportation Related Periodicals and Pamphlets
  • Engineering and Construction Manuals
  • Maps
  • Historical newsletters and documents dating to the 1920s (Currently available only in print)
  • Board of Transportation Minutes
The growing collection is searchable through the State Library of North Carolina’s Library Online Catalog (NC Cardinal), and currently consists of approximately 1500 items and resources available to researchers and engineers.
Contact the NCDOT Librarian, Lamara Williams-Jones, for assistance: 919-707-6665, or use the NCDOT Contact Us Form.
The library is located in Century Center, Building B.
Library Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. Since there is only one Librarian, customers should call before visiting the Library.
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