• About the PBIN

    The Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Network (PBIN) is a geodatabase that includes data on existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout North Carolina. The initial data was collected by NCDOT partners at the North Carolina State University- Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE). The PBIN data is not comprehensive, however, and updates to the geodatabase are ongoing. Municipalities are encouraged to submit their data, in a standardized format compatible with NCDOT’s existing geodatabase.

  • Viewing and Downloading Data

    The geodatabase includes current and proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities, arranged in six separate layer classes: pedestrian facilities, bicycle facilities, and shared use path facilities in both polyline and point formats. This data is updated on a quarterly basis.

    In order to download, analyze, and/or manipulate the data, ArcGIS is required. The Data Catalog provides detailed attribute information.  The Geospatial Standards for Planning Grant Communities document outlines specific requirements of data developed for bicycle and/or pedestrian plans awarded through NCDOT's Planning Grant Initiative Program.

    Due to the comprehensive nature of the PBIN geodatabase, it is not possible to display a complete online map of all features.  However, online maps of select features are currently being developed.  One of these is a map of existing and planned on-road bicycle facilities. Future maps will be made available on the Go!NC webpage.

  • Adding Data

    NCDOT depends on local government submittals to keep the geodatabase current.  Information received from local partners will be added to the geodatabase and available for download on at least an annual basis.  To be considered for incorporation, the data must use a standardized geodatabase template.

    Agencies uploading data must also follow standardized terminology related to facility types as described in the Glossary of North Carolina Terminology for Active Transportation Additional description is provided in the PBIN Data Catolog.

    For municipalities interested in integrating already existing shapefiles into the PBIN geodatabase, please contact John Vine-Hodge(http://www.ncdot.gov/bikeped/contact/) in the Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation.

  • Background on the PBIN Project

    Prior to the commencement of the PBIN project, there was no standard terminology or convention for bicycle and pedestrian facility GIS information. Additionally, there was no central (statewide) storage location for data concerning existing and planned facilities. NCDOT recognized the need to document existing and planned facilities for purposes of planning and reporting.

    In the first two phases of the PBIN project, from 2012 to 2014, North Carolina State University’s ITRE worked to establish an initial statewide geodatabase of bicycle and pedestrian facilities by asking a broad range of agencies across the state for relevant data. ITRE reached out to all 100 counties in North Carolina, as well as 37 regional planning agencies and municipalities with populations greater than 5,000 residents. The data received was combined with existing data acquired through NCDOT and from other state agencies.

 To upload data, please use the following contact form below.
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