• Building Local Connections - Outreach through fairs and festivals

    As part of the Connect Central Georgia Study, the Georgia Department of Transportation set up study information booths at several community festivals to engage with area citizens, get the word out about the study, and expand reach to the community at large. At the festival, project newsletters were distributed, names were collected for the project mailing list, and citizens were asked to participate in a short survey about transportation needs and priorities in their community over the next 20+ years.

 Lessons Learned using Primary Technique:

  • Non-traditional Meeting Places and Events


Attending festivals was a low cost way of reaching a broad range of citizens. Typically booth space was donated, so the only cost was staff time. The materials that were shared were developed for use in other components of the study and did not generate extra work. Great way to connect informally with the community and to understand localized issues.​


Most events take place on the weekend. Requires coordination with conference organizers to obtain free booth space.​


State maps and wildflower seeds were distributed at the table to attract interest from passers by. An incentive drawing for a free gas card or gift card also encouraged participation in the survey. Less resource intensive than traditional public meetings, and reach a much larger audience. More bang for less buck! ​

 Project Attributes

Project Primary Purpose
Economic Development, Mobility/System Efficiency, Regional Connection Improvement, Safety Improvement
Target Communities
Rural, Urban
Target Populations
Commuters, Low-Income Populations, Racial or Ethnic Minorities, Seniors, Students/Youth
Long-range Planning

 Primary Technique

  • Non-traditional Meeting Places and Events

 Other Techniques used

  • 44;#Information Materials;#32;#Fact Sheets/Newsletters;#35;#Fliers

 Contact Info

Tom McQueen
Georgia Department of Transportation
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