• Florida MPO bestows Citizen Participation Award

    The Charlotte County-Punta Gorda, Florida MPO Awards a Citizen or Group who through their efforts have made significant and noteworthy contributions to transportation planning. A trophy is presented to the recipient at an MPO Board Meeting each year.








 Lessons Learned using Primary Technique:

  • Stakeholder Partnerships


The bestowing of this award to deserving recipients has provided the MPO with countless benefits from a public participation perspective, including media articles, accolades from elected and agency professionals, and the general public.





To date, we have not gotten a sense of competition for our award and are aware of the implication in the event this situation occurs. We have had give the Award posthumously and recommend that recipients receice their award soon after nomination.



It is simply stunning to observe the recipient at an MPO Board meeting receiving their Award. With their friends, the media, and elected officials present this Award has now grown into an event now covered by the media and talked about in the community.

 Project Attributes

Project Primary Purpose
Economic Development, New Transit, Transit Improvement
Target Communities
Established Neighborhood, New Neighborhoods, Rural, Suburban, Urban
Target Populations
Low-Income Populations, Persons with Disabilities, Seniors, Transit-Dependent Populations
Project Planning
Bus Transit

 Primary Technique

  • Stakeholder Partnerships

 Other Techniques used

  • 53;#Media Strategies

 Contact Info

Gene Klara
Charlotte County - Punta Gorda MPO
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