• Mapping exercises and public consultation

    ​Easily understood basic 'area' street network maps were shown to the public at various locations throughout a town of 10,000. The general public was encouraged to ask questions and to 'draw on the maps' using overlay parchment. 

    Once a design by member of the public was completed, it was placed on a second map so that other members of the public could review and comment. All layers of 'public sketching' were attached to the second map providing options and ability for public to comment using comment forms on the various opportunities and solutions presented during the session.
    All designs were photographed and placed on the web for viewing by anyone interested and opportunities for comments and addiitonal ideas were offered. This proved to be very helpful in soliciting feedback on what locals wanted to see or thought would work best in their area.


 Lessons Learned using Primary Technique:

  • Public Meetings/Hearings


​Ability for all participants and general public to view ideas generated by others and thus stimulate discussion.


​Very high-quality, easily readable maps needed.

 Project Attributes

Project Primary Purpose
Accessibility Improvement, Aesthetic Improvement, Economic Development, Enforcement, Environmental Mitigation, Maintenance/Replacement, Mobility/System Efficiency, New Transit, Regional Connection Improvement, Safety Improvement, Security Enhancement, Traffic Calming, Traffic Segregation, Transit Improvement
Target Communities
Commercial/Retail, Established Neighborhood, Government/Subsidized Housing, Industrial, New Neighborhoods, Rural, Suburban, Urban
Target Populations
Choice Transit Riders, Commuters, Immigrants, Limited English Proficiency, Low-Income Populations, Native American Populations, Persons with Disabilities, Racial or Ethnic Minorities, Seniors, Students/Youth, Transit-Dependent Populations
Long-range Planning

 Primary Technique

  • Public Meetings/Hearings

 Other Techniques used

  • 63;#Open Houses/Open Forum Hearings ;#70;#Public Meetings/Hearings

 Contact Info

Patricia Wilson
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