• Partnerships with Rural School Systems to Maximize Input

    As part of the Southwest Georgia Interstate Study and the Connect Central Georgia Study, the Georgia Department of Transportation worked in partnership with county school systems to distribute and collect survey feedback from the community at-large. Packets of surveys were delivered to the office of each elementary, middle, and high school in each system, and were then sent home with students in order to reach parents. Parents could return hard copies of the surveys to the schools, by mail, email, or fax, or they could access an online version of the survey to provide feedback. GDOT also worked with area libraries to distribute surveys and encourage the public to access the web-basted survey via library computers to provide their feedback.​

 Lessons Learned using Primary Technique:

  • Stakeholder Partnerships


The technique was a cost effective way of reaching a broad audience in a large study area.​


Sometimes requires repeat follow up with school systems to explain the need, and / or in person visits to build trust.​


Providing the surveys to the school systems with a return envelope was a good way to facilitate return of the surveys once they are collected.​

 Project Attributes

Project Primary Purpose
Accessibility Improvement, Economic Development, Mobility/System Efficiency, Regional Connection Improvement, Safety Improvement
Target Communities
Target Populations
Commuters, Immigrants, Low-Income Populations, Persons with Disabilities, Seniors, Students/Youth, Transit-Dependent Populations
Long-range Planning

 Primary Technique

  • Stakeholder Partnerships

 Other Techniques used

  • 30;#Email;#50;#Library Partnerships;#71;#Public Opinion Surveys

 Contact Info

Tom McQueen
Georgia Department of Transportation
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