• Regional Food Systems Preference Online Survey

    ​The Regional Food Systems Plan needed input from a wide range of participants to share their views and opinions about production, packaging, transportation and consumption of local foods in the Region. It was hard to reach such a wide spectrum of citizen goups ranging from farmers, to entrepreneurs, small-sclae growers, processors, distributors, consumers, health care experts, economic development experts, public and private transportation providers, commodity transportation providers, businesses  and local leaders to name a few.

    This survey was conducted using the Survey Monkey website, and contained approximately ten questions with subsets. All the members of the regional stakeholder group were informed ahead of time that that the survey was forthcoming, and responded in a timely manner. The survey was targeted and was sent to approximately 60-100 people for specific questions and goals. Around 40 people responded and others provided input at a Summit that was subsequently held. Responders covered a range of speciatlties: from decision-makers, to producers, to farmers, to processors.  

 Lessons Learned using Primary Technique:

  • Public Opinion Surveys


​Easy to reach everyone.

Input can be provided at any time at their own convenience.

No intimidation or hesitation on part of the input provider, because no one is watching them.

Free and unbiased opinion can be sought as no one is talking to them.


Only the information provided on the online survey is what they know.

Any confusions can't be cleared, if any, on the material.​

Can only reach people with internet access and ability to use the computer.

Can be time consuming to get responses.


​It was a successful survey with much more input than would have been gathered otherwise. Computer and internet are available to many in the current times, either at home or public facilities. Many people actually prefer to provide input through online surveys.

The survey needs to be clear, concise, easily understandable, and not too long.

 Project Attributes

Project Primary Purpose
Economic Development, Mobility/System Efficiency, Regional Connection Improvement
Target Communities
Rural, Urban
Target Populations
Low-Income Populations, Persons with Disabilities, Racial or Ethnic Minorities, Seniors, Students/Youth, Transit-Dependent Populations
Long-range Planning
Freight Rail

 Primary Technique

  • Public Opinion Surveys

 Other Techniques used

  • 6;#Advertisements;#14;#Brochures;#20;#Collaborative Task Forces;#23;#Conferences/Workshops/Retreats;#67;#Presentations;#84;#Technology Driven Public Meetings

 Contact Info

Sue Fortune
East Michigan Council Of Governments
Webpage for the Regional Project
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