• Street Fairs and Public Outreach

    ​During Development of a comprehensive transportation plan, outreach efforts were undertaken to solicit input from regions of the planning area traditionally less vocal than the norm. During the fall festivals, booths with maps, project lists, informational fliers and questionnaires/comment forms were set up at local festival sites (halloween festivals, ASPCA fund raising walks, Introduction to the 'Arts' day events etc), to interact with the public.

    During these events the maps and handouts viewed by many people who were not familiar with the organization doing the planning (MPO) and/or what was going on and how to comment on it.

    In four events over a three week period - over 2,000 responses were received. This was approximately 1700 more than received on the previous plan cycle.




 Lessons Learned using Primary Technique:

  • Non-traditional Meeting Places and Events


Low cost, medium to high benefit endeavor based on the level of expertise about projects/areas and the ability to explain to the public the projects and their benefits



 Project Attributes

Project Primary Purpose
Accessibility Improvement, Aesthetic Improvement, Economic Development, Enforcement, Environmental Mitigation, Maintenance/Replacement, Mobility/System Efficiency, New Transit, Regional Connection Improvement, Safety Improvement, Security Enhancement, Traffic Calming, Traffic Segregation, Transit Improvement
Target Communities
Commercial/Retail, Established Neighborhood, Government/Subsidized Housing, Industrial, New Neighborhoods, Rural, Suburban, Urban
Target Populations
Choice Transit Riders, Commuters, Immigrants, Limited English Proficiency, Low-Income Populations, Native American Populations, Persons with Disabilities, Racial or Ethnic Minorities, Seniors, Students/Youth, Transit-Dependent Populations

 Primary Technique

  • Non-traditional Meeting Places and Events

 Other Techniques used

  • 38;#GIS Mapping;#35;#Fliers;#66;#Posters;#71;#Public Opinion Surveys;#14;#Brochures

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