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  • 01 General Description

  • Description

  • The Aggregate Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program is designed to give aggregate producers more responsibility for controlling the quality of material they produce and to utilize the quality control information they provide in the acceptance process by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).  It requires aggregate producers to perform quality 
    control sampling, testing and record keeping on aggregates they ship for use by the Department.  Also, it requires the Department to perform quality assurance and verification sampling, testing and record keeping to confirm the performance of the producers' control plan as set forth herein.   
    This program is designed for Aggregate Producers providing Clean Coarse or Fine Aggregates for use on or in products such as asphalt, concrete, block, etc., and when providing any type of aggregate base material, including cement treated base that is utilized on any type of NCDOT Maintenance or Contract Project whether purchased by a Contractor or sold directly to the Department for use on any current NCDOT right of way. Asphalt sand that is produced by and utilized by the same asphalt producer shall be tested according to the provisions of the Hot Mix Asphalt Quality Management System Manual. 
    It is the intent of this program that acceptance or rejection of material be based on the total program.  Therefore, a comparison of the Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Verification, and other sample data may be used by the Department for acceptance or rejection of a lot of material. 
    Participation in this program does not relieve the producer of the responsibility of complying with all requirements of the NCDOT Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures
    This manual contains information regarding the sampling and testing of material at the Aggregate Producer’s facility (quarry, sand pit, sales yard, etc.).   Sampling and testing requirements at other locations (including but not limited to: present  NCDOT right of way, asphalt, concrete, pipe, or block plants) may be found in other publications such as the Aggregate Sampling Manual or the Hot Mix Asphalt Quality Management System Manual.   

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