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    ​"Pavement preservation treatment. – A pavement preservation treatment is a roadway improvement practice that improves roadway quality and extends or renews the pavement life. "

    "Eligible Activities or Treatments. - Applications eligible for funding under the pavement preservation program include the following preservation activities or treatments for asphalt pavement structures:
    (1)        Chip seals, slurry seals, fog seals, sand seals, scrub seals, and cape seals.
    (2)        Microsurfacing.
    (3)        Profile milling not covered by resurfacing.
    (4)        Asphalt rejuvenators.
    (5)        Open graded asphalt friction course.
    (6)        Overlays less than 1,000 feet in length.
    (7)        Diamond grinding.
    (8)        Joint sealing.
    (9)        Dowel bar retrofit.
    (10)      Partial-depth or full-depth repairs and reclamations.
    (11)      Ultra-thin whitetopping.
    (12)      Thin lift and sand asphalt overlays.
    (13)      Asphalt crack sealing.
    (14)      Pavement markers and markings."

    Sources: G.S. 136-44.3A 

    G.S. 136-44.17.b

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