• Blanket 10-8 for Training Classes

    ​Field Fiscal Manual section on Travel and Employee Reimbursement Procedures
    Registration Fees:
    All fees/costs associated with Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Award Ceremonies, Internal and External Meetings, and Training Sessions are to be treated as Registration Costs. This shall also include educational funded courses or tuition fees. A 10-8 is required when the registration fees and/or the costs of an educational-funded course or tuition fee are in excess of $300. Any course/workshop/training costs or administrative leave for such training should always be approved by managers.

    To help expedite the approval process, a blanket 10-8 has been developed and signed by the Chief Engineer to cover those certification classes whose registration fees are in excess of $300.

    A copy of the Blanket 10-8 and individual course agendas can be found below:

    Blanket 10-8

    Certification Class​Fee
    ​Concrete Field Technician​$500
    ​Concrete Field Technician – Self Study​$500


    Whenever an NCDOT Employee attends one of the above courses, the Division must include the following when expenses are submitted to the Financial Management Division:

    1. Blanket 10-8
    2. Agenda for the specific Class
    3. Student Registration Form (these are emailed to each student once they are registered for a class)

    If you have any questions about this process, contact Vickie Hudgins ​at (919) 329-4241 for assistance.

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