• Repair Methods for Pipe


    Damage can happen to pipe during transport and handling.  When damage done to pipe may decrease its expected life or may prevent it from serving its use as intended, repairs must be made or the pipe must be rejected.  In all cases, the Engineer shall have final acceptance approval of the pipe and any repairs made.
    Repairs done to all types of concrete pipe must be done so with an approved concrete repair material.  These repair materials shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.  A listing of Approved Concrete Repair materials is available on the Department's Vendor system and web page at:

    Repair of galvanized coatings shall be in accordance with Section 1076-7​ of the Standard Specifications:
    Repair galvanized surfaces that are abraded or damaged at any time after the application of zinc coating by thoroughly wire brushing the damaged areas and removing all loose and cracked coating, after which paint the cleaned areas with 2 coats of organic zinc repair paint meeting the requirements of Article 1080-9​.  Ensure that the total thickness of the 2 coats is not less than 3 dry mils (0.075 mm).  In lieu of repairing by painting with organic zinc repair paint, other methods of repairing galvanized surfaces that are abraded or damaged are allowed provided the proposed method is acceptable to the Engineer.

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