• Materials and Tests Unit Stockroom

    Larry D. Price – Stockroom Manager / Purchasing     T: 919-329-4050    F: 919-733-8742

    The Materials and Tests Stockroom is located in the Central Laboratory Facility at 1801 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC.   Stockroom staff provides goods and services for the M&T Central and Regional Laboratories and Field Section.   The Stockroom also provides specific testing related equipment and supplies to District/Resident Engineer offices and the 14 Division QA laboratories. 
    Typical Items Stocked
    ·         Conventional Density Equipment
    ·         Aggregate Testing Supplies
    ·         Concrete Testing Supplies
    ·         Concrete Cylinder Molds
    ·         Chase Indicator Kits
    ·         Thermoplastic Test Kits
    ·         Lead Removal Kits
    ·         Sample Bags and Containers
    ·         Asphalt and Concrete Thermometers
    ·         Forms, i.e  Asphalt, Concrete, Physical, Metals, HiCAMS
    ·         Laboratory Equipment - reserved for M&T Unit only
    ·         Safety Equipment - reserved for M&T Unit only
    ·         Office Supplies - reserved for M&T Unit only


Form 101 - Conventional Density Equipment Requisition Form.zip
Employee Safety Eye Care Center Locations.pdf
Employee Safety Eye Glass Form.pdf
Employee Safety Eye Glass Frame Selections.pdf
Safety Toe Shoes - PR05.pdf
In-House Requisition Form 10-31-2013.zip
Form 100-Lab - Requistion for Supplies (Lab Use Only).pdf
Master MT Form 100.pdf
Employee Safety Eye Glass Handout.doc
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