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County MapsCounty Maps
These county maps identify routes that make up the North Carolina Department of Transportation State Highway System. These routes are maintained by the North Carolina
Statewide MapsStatewide Maps
The state transportation map is the department's most popular publication. The map features the state's extensive highway system, as well as important safety information. Along with the Division of Travel, Tourism and Film Development, NCDOT prints nearly two million copies each year.​
County Crash Profile Overview MapsCounty Crash Profile Overview Maps
The Transportation Mobility and Safety Division and the NCDOT Executive Committee for Highway Safety have collaborated with the NCDOT - State Road Management Unit - Mapping Section to develop and produce County Crash Distribution Profile Maps for North Carolina. ​
Posted Bridges on Primary RoutesPosted Bridges on Primary Routes
Summary listings and map displays of North Carolina Posted Bridge Information on Primary (Interstate, US & NC) Routes are provided as a service to industry, the enforcement community, and internal and external partners and agencies.​
Inventory and Assessment ReportsInventory and Assessment Reports
The Information & Mapping Sections of the State Road Maintenance Unit are committed to providing superior quality information and mapping of the existing state maintained system of highways and computer generated images of proposed projects for the NC Department of Transportation.​
Historical Maps for North CarolinaHistorical Maps for North Carolina
Historical Maps for North Carolina​
Straightline DiagramsStraightline Diagrams
Straight line diagrams are graphic illustrations of the construction history of the state primary road system. Interstates, US Routes, and NC Routes have straight line diagrams. Check with Getaneh Admasu 919-835-8462 to be sure you have the most current information.​
Traffic Volume MapsTraffic Volume Maps
Traffic Volume (AADT) Maps are a product created by the Traffic Survey Group in cooperation with the SRMU Mapping Section. The county and urban maps supplied by the mapping section serve as a foundation for Traffic Survey employees to identify locations known as "count stations". ​
Secondary Roads LookupSecondary Roads Lookup
Secondary Roads Database Lookup​