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collapse Title : 0100 - Funding Applications ‎(4)
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  • Business Guide

  • Overview

    The Integrated Mobility Division (IMD) Business Guide has been developed to assist IMD's local transportation partners in managing and delivering various multimodal services and projects.  It has been developed to help our partners to understand the requirements of NCDOT, the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration for state and federally-funded services and projects. 

    How to Use This Guide

    This Guide is organized by function and activity in order to follow certain process step required to apply, manage and deliver services and projects in North Carolina.  Its contents refer directly to actions that partners must take in order to utilize state and Federal funding sources to provide those services and deliver those projects.  Links are provided to critical policies and procedure as well as forms and documents that are relative to each specific section of the Guide.  

    Many questions you may have can be answered by reviewing the contents of this Guide and referring back to those sections as you apply and utilize grants for public services and funds for multimodal projects.   Going forward, this Guide will be updated on a regular basis to capture changes that are critical to the delivery of services and projects. 

    Should you have questions about specific details of the various sections, you may contact IMD staff that is identified in each section for assistance. 

    We are always looking for improvements for the IMD Business Guide.  If you have a possible error or something that you would like us to consider including in the next edition, please e-mail Blair Chambers at:

    Revisions Record

    Business Guide Comments Survey

    If you see a section or entry that needs corrections or see a need for added sections,
    please click on the link above to submit to us.

    Note:  Converted to Web Based document.  Overall, unit names, contacts and references have been updated.  Formatting and general appearance was also updated. 
    Change Description
    Business Guide
    Added drop down capability for each release and change notes for July 2023 release.
    Grant Descriptions (New)
    Added description and overviews of grant types.
    Transportation Industry and Acronym and Terminology List (New)
    Combined and updated previous IMD Transportation Industry Acronym and Terminology sections into one section and updated all entries to include references.
    Required Documents, Plans, Policies and Reporting (Renamed)
    Renamed Section 002 to include reporting requirements for grants.
    Reporting Requirements
    Section 900 renamed to “Reporting Requirements” and moved to Section 002, references and links updated.
    Reporting Requirements
    Added introduction paragraph and link to IMD required Smartsheet reporting for grants.
    Required Documents, Plans and Policies
    Revised content to current approval requirements for documents, plans and policies for grants.
    Reporting (Renamed and Moved)
    Renamed “900 – Reporting” to “Required Reporting” and moved to Section 002.
    Minor Updates to current policy, major updates to be added once the Tech RFP process has been completed.  

    Note:  Converted to Web Based document.  Overall, unit names, contacts and references have been updated.  Formatting and general appearance was also updated. 
    Change Description
    Polling Transportation (formally Transporation to the Election Polls)
    IMD Policy change on use of public transportation to polling locations.  
    Note: Overall, unit names, contacts and references have been updated.  Formatting and general appearance was also updated. 
    Change Description
    Communication with the North Carolina Department of Transportation Integrated Mobility Division
    IMD Staff Assignments: Updated to current regional area model for support.
    Project Budgeting
    Cost Allocation/Indirect Cost Plan: Must be approved by the governing board of the Transportation Agency. 
    Asset Management
    SSP/PR Visit Review: Updated requirements.
    Piggybacking: Updated requirements and links. 
    DBE Payments; Updated requirements for DBE payments.
    Vehicle Replacement
    Support/Service Vehicles: Clarified mileage requirements for useful life.
    Vehicle Procurement
    Vehicle Ordering: Clarification on ordering vehicles prior agreement execution is clarified. 
    New Vehicle Arrival and Road Readiness
    Delivery, Inspection and Acceptance: Rolling Stock inspection forms must be submitted to IMD within 24 hours of receipt.
    Vehicle Maintenance and Control
    Vehicle Preventive Maintenance: Clarifies the IMD Safety & Education Section's role for PM compliance.                             
    Lift Inspection, testing and preventive maintenance: Clarifies the IMD Safety & Education Section's role for PM compliance.                         
    Camera Inspection and Preventive Maintenance: Clarifies maintenance requirements for cameras.                                       
    Key Control: Added requirements for a Key Control policy.
    Disposition of Vehicles
    Disposition Changes: Clarifies disposition of a different vehicle other than the one replacing.                     
    Notification to IMD of Sale: Clarifies requirements for sale of vehicle and IMD notification.
    Operation of Transit Services
    Passenger Mixing and Required policies:  Clarified allowable passenger mixing and required policies.

    Minimum Training Standards for Operators: Updated to reference new policy mandating Minimum Training Standards and remove the training toolkit reference.


    Charter Reports &Incident/Accident Reports: Updates reporting requirements to SmartSheet.
    Title VI – Limited English Proficiency– Environmental Justice
    Complaint Procedures & Plan Approval: Require submission to IMD for compliance. 

    Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

    Good Faith Effort: Clarification of a good faith effort.  Predicting DBE Use:  Clarified required procedure for anticipated DBE use and approval by IMD.                     
    DBE Reporting:  Clarified DBE reporting requirement.  DBE Payments:  Clarified required reporting of DBE payments to NCDOT.
    Oversight & Monitoring

    Facility Condition Review: Clarification that further facility inspection may be required.

    Actual Duties and Responsibilities of the Transit Manager (Director)

    This section was revised to include any revised submission requirements, approvals, examples and best practices for duties and reporting. 
    Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) Law

    Prioritization: Updated language in regard to the latest prioritization round.

    State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)  Amendments and FHWA Flexing

    STIP Revisions: General clarification of the types of STIP revisions.                                         
    Flexing Federal Funds: Clarification on flexing funds procedure.
    401-1 Attachment
    New format for Policy.      Page 5 - Notification to IMD of Sale: Clarification of process for the disposition/sale of assets.

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