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    Iconic Multimodal Stations at Any Scale and How They Can Spur Economic Development Around Them
    February ​23​, 2021  10am-11am

    This session included presentations on creating an Iconic Multimodal Station.  We were joined by NCDOT Chief Deputy Secretary David Howard who discussed the Gateway Station in Charlotte including the P3 aspects, partners, funding, affordable housing, and how it will spur private development around it.  

    We were also joined by Monica Wauck Smith who will discuss the successes the City of Milwaukee has recently experienced with their recent TOD Pilot.  The City of Milwaukee received $750,000 as part of FTA’s Transit Oriented Development Pilot Program to support the revitalization of underserved neighborhoods adjacent to downtown and to facilitate multimodal connectivity and accessibility in conjunction with two proposed streetcar extensions. The Milwaukee Streetcar, named the Hop, began operations in November of 2018 with an initial route through Downtown Milwaukee. 

    The city anticipates strong development interest with the extensions and will develop strategies to minimize displacement of current residents. Final outcomes will include revised zoning code text, development plans and policies for key sites, streetscape and pedestrian/bicycle access plans, affordable housing development strategies, and TOD financing strategies. The resulting plan, Moving Milwaukee Forward, offers a new neighborhood framework for attracting investment, enhancing connectivity and reinforcing neighborhood identity through the future expansion of the Milwaukee Streetcar system, extending investment from Downtown into these neighborhood. 

    Leveraging New Rail Access and Transit Oriented Development to Spur Economic Growth
    January 26, 2021  10am-11am

    This session included presentations on "Expanding Rail in North Carolina—the S-Line Opportunity" with Marston Raue who is working with NCDOT’s Rail Division and agency leadership to advance long-range passenger and freight rail initiatives for the Southeast Corridor, Terry Shook of Shook Kelley, Inc. who will present on "Using Rail to Create Place and Economic Value" and finally, Nick Ruiz, Rail Planning Project Manager for Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation who will present on "TOD Visioning around the Richmond Staples Mill Station".  

    Non-Motorized Policies and Programs
    December 15, 2020

    On 12/15/2020, we were joined by Scott Goldstein, Deputy Director for Transportation with Smart Growth America and Policy Director for Transportation for America ( a program of Smart Growth America).  Scott discussed the anticipated multimodal priorities of the Biden Administration and the national perspective on complete streets policy trends.  

    We were also joined by Lauren Blackburn and Kara Peach from the consulting firm VHB who provided study outcomes and recommendations from an FHWA project to support integrating multimodal projects into transportation plans while looking at how North Carolina compares to the states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia.

    Additionally, Srinivas Pulugurtha and Suzanne Leland who are members of a research team from UNC-Charlotte, discussed results from a recent study to evaluate bicycle and pedestrian policies and practices among municipal, county and regional governments across North Carolina, as well as an evaluation of how NCDOT compares to a dozen other state DOTs.
    The Bicycle and Pedestrian Explosion in Covid  
    November 12, 2020

    In the spring of 2020 with the initial impacts of COVID being felt across North Carolina (NC), increases in bicycling, e-bicycling, walking and running was commonly observed in communities throughout NC.  By reaching out to industry and research professionals and using available data collection resources, we are able to acquire a deeper understanding of the current landscape of this form of mobility in the state.

    In this session, you will hear from representatives of Strava Metro on bicycling in NC and a demonstration on their accessible online data acquired through its mobile app, NC State’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education on bicycling and pedestrian travel in NC comparing spring/summer 2019 to 2020 at multiple locations across the state, and eBike Central on the evolving e-bike industry and the role e-bikes can play in promoting active transportation​.
    The City of Wilson Microtransit Project with Via
    October 21, 2020 ​

    On September 1, 2020, the City of Wilson and Via launched RIDE – a new microtransit service replacing the City’s fixed-route bus and on-demand transit system. On August 27, 2020, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded an Accelerating Innovative Mobility (AIM) grant to the City of Wilson which will allow for expansion of the mictrotransit service area and operating hours. In this session, you will hear from representatives of the City of Wilson and their partner Via about how this project was developed and how it has performed in its first month and a half.
    Transit Electrification Webinar
    August 20, 2020

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