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collapse Title : 0200 - Project Administration ‎(5)
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 Business Guide



0200 - Project Administration36329512/2/2022 8:16:32 PMThe grantee will evaluate, change and incorporate any management practices needed to meet the Federal requirements and the State’s expectations outlined in the contract prior to, Alfred L;Kim ButtryIMD-200-202202 - Project Management
0200 - Project Administration36329612/2/2022 8:16:33 PMThe Integrated Mobility Division (IMD) requires a system of inventory and maintenance of transit vehicles, facilities and equipment to be used for cataloging information about, Alfred L;Kim ButtryIMD-200-203203 - Asset Management
002 - Required Documents, Plans, Policies and Reporting55122138/10/2023 6:26:36 PMThere are certain policies and plans required for Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) transportation grant recipients and transit providers Some of these policies and plans L. Filler;Blair ChambersIMD-05-02Required Policies and Procedures (Board Approved vs Non-Board Approved)
0100 - Funding Applications55122169/1/2023 4:11:39 PMA project budget should demonstrate that the applicant understands the cost of transit management and operations and is prepared to produce program income L. Filler;Blair ChambersIMD-100-102102 - Project Budgeting
0100 - Funding Applications551221712/2/2022 8:16:32 PMApplying prior to or by the deadline requires a plan of action that breaks the process into scheduled tasks from the first day the grant is posted to the final one and takes the, Alfred L;Kim ButtryIMD-100-103103 - Application Submittal
0200 - Project Administration551221912/2/2022 8:16:32 PMA partnership between a qualified subrecipient and the state is initiated upon awarding a grant The terms of this partnership are outlined in a contract that guides the, Alfred L;Kim ButtryIMD-200-201201 - Grant Awards for Projects
0400 - Vehicles572032412/2/2022 8:16:33 PMNew vehicles are not to be placed into revenue service until the grantee has done due diligence to assure that the vehicle and driver meet all standards of road readiness, Alfred L;Kim ButtryIMD-400-405405 - New Vehicle Arrival and Road Readiness
0300 - Finance583465812/2/2022 8:16:33 PMAll subrecipients will be required to provide supportive documentation with their claims for reimbursement Claims will be processed, and reimbursements will be disbursed in a, Alfred L;Kim ButtryIMD-300-302302 - Reimbursements
0400 - Vehicles932487712/2/2022 8:16:33 PMThe opportunity to request funding for replacement vehicles and vehicle‐related equipment will be offered once a year in the applications for Federal programs that include funding, Alfred L;Kim ButtryIMD-400-403403 - Vehicle and Vehicle Related Funding Requests
0500 - Transit Services1287673612/2/2022 8:16:33 PMThe services of one or more providers can be used to provide the most effective and efficient scheduling of trips possible State and Federally Compliant Procurement The process for, Alfred L;Kim ButtryIMD-500-501501 - Contracting for Transit Services

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IMD Partners Survey 2022 Methodology and Insights37003076/13/2022 1:40:37 PM6/13/2022 1:40:37 PMThe 2022 NCDOT IMD Partner Survey was launched on PublicInput (, an online survey and public participation platform that is computer and smartphone compatible STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{76C253C8-ABFE-43E5-9AA5-E88EE4D8C009}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
2022 IMD Partner Survey Results Infographic37003086/9/2022 5:51:58 PM6/9/2022 5:51:58 PMNCDOT Integrated Mobility Division launched the 2022 Partner Survey to gather feedback from transit agencies, planning organizations, and internal NCDOT units, and to establish a STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{5BA37ECB-F385-4E49-B349-79AC38920F1B}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
301-1 Federal Procuement Support Documentation 201664750084/18/2017 6:52:45 PM4/18/2017 6:52:45 PMFEDERAL AND STATE REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS The work performed under this contract will be financed, in part, by grants provided under programs of the Federal Transit STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{2D2C66CD-66E6-4689-8C5A-73508C31F019}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
301-2 Procurement And Third Party Contracting Information64750094/18/2017 6:53:02 PM4/18/2017 6:53:02 PMProcurement and third party contracting activities are primarily the responsibility of the subrecipient Subrecipients should follow established local procedures and applicable STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{9BC0DBCA-BC9B-4C33-BB2B-A1AE72E7B5CA}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
301-5 Procurement Quick Reference Purchasing Guide64750197/17/2018 8:30:51 PM7/17/2018 8:30:51 PMNCDOT/PTD – rev 7/6/18 Page 1 of 2 Note: The following procurement thresholds meet dollar amounts required by PTD Your agency may set more stringent requirements STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{8D864851-4795-4AA4-98FD-6556F83E965B}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
302-1 Required Documentation for Each Grant64750214/18/2017 6:54:10 PM4/18/2017 6:54:10 PMRequired Documentation for Each G- Code Payroll detail register by each position for which reimbursement is being requested NCDOT must have a copy of the engagement letter or STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{80D27A98-993F-4175-B34B-295A233EF136}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
401-1 Disposition Guidelines 5-202164750221/13/2022 8:06:38 PM1/13/2022 8:06:38 PMCOMMUNITY TRANSPORTATION PROGRAM DISPOSITION POLICY GUIDELINES & ACCIDENT/INCIDENT REPORT for PERSONAL PROPERTY Page 1 of 8 Revised 1/2022 All titles are kept in our STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{A2ECA8FD-53C7-4BCB-B7BE-0BE69AF5B784}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
401-2 Capital Replacement Schedule 2021 Final 01192264750231/19/2022 2:39:44 PM1/19/2022 2:39:44 PMNote: Assets that have met their useful life will not automatically be replaced This schedule represents the minimum threshold for replacement consideration STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{1AB1E8DA-D75E-4769-B969-EC15F962D8FF}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
404-1 Vehicle Ordering Policy Procedure Final 01192264750241/19/2022 3:37:35 PM1/19/2022 3:37:35 PM VEHICLE ORDERING PROCEDURES rev. 01/22 Page 1 of 8 I. Vehicles are available to order annually A. Vehicles available through the Integrated Mobility Division (IMD STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{88A604DE-913C-4B4B-935D-BBE63C9F3E64}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515
405-1 DOT FMCSA Multi Modal Transportation Tip Sheet64750251/9/2017 4:08:00 PM1/9/2017 4:08:00 PM Tip Sheet: Multi-Modal Passenger Transportation Understanding Federal Regulations for Passenger Carriers Tips for Buses and Vans That Transport Passengers to and From Airports STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{0D88C872-2FBF-4F84-96D1-94D4289BA2E4}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js1515

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