• Integrated Mobility Division Strategic Goals

    • IMD Mission – To provide leadership for safe, affordable, and innovative multimodal transportation throughout North Carolina.
    • IMD Core Goals
      • Increase Access – eliminate transportation barriers and ensure all North Carolinians have equal access to opportunities and services.
      • Enhance Quality of Life – offer a convenient network of multimodal choices to enhance the quality of life for North Carolinians. ​
      • Ensure Safety – ensure all road users can travel safely by building complete streets and proactively correcting areas susceptible to crashes involving vulnerable road users.
    • Key Strategies to Achieve Goals
      1. Optimize financial and administrative controls
      2. Improve multimodal transportation planning
      3. Implement data-driven policies and decisions
      4. Lead on innovative concepts and activities
      5. Integrate proven technologies
      6. Communicate best practices broadly
      7. Provide risk-based oversight of funding subrecipients
      8. Respond to pressing and emerging needs
      9. Advance Complete Streets concepts
      10. Streamline and create effective and consistent external and internal processes
      11. Establish coalitions and strengthen relationships that can help advance IMD's mission​

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