• IMD Microtransit Feasibility Grant

    About the Program

    The Feasibility Study grant will fund planning and analysis for potential integration of microtransit service into existing transit operations. This study will be a comprehensive evaluation of the service model including:

    • Public and stakeholder engagement and surveys
    • Funding mechanisms & capital needs analysis
    • Evaluation of “turnkey" (Mobility as a Service) vs Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Software and technology needs and procurement guidance
    • Recommendations for service options (service zones, schedules, fixed-route replacement, driver and vehicle estimates, etc.)
    • Guidance for integration with existing services vs. replacement of existing services

    Role of Microtransit

    Microtransit is an emerging service option for transit agencies. The service involves an on-demand transportation solution, similar to Uber and Lyft services, that is flexible and responsive to the real-time demand of transit riders. This option introduces benefits over traditional bus services (fixed-route, paratransit) in some contexts such as:

    • Flexible pick-up and drop-off service, or “door to door" service.
    • Flexible scheduling, with real-time demand response.
    • Transit coverage of larger geographies, or regions with low density that cannot support traditional bus services.
    • Improved customer service experience via convenient scheduling apps and payment technology.
    • Overall improved mobility for transit dependent populations and access to destinations not served by traditional bus services.
    • Expanded ridership and appeal to general population who decline traditional bus services.


    The Microtransit Feasibility Study would support agencies who are considering the addition of microtransit service, or replacement of traditional bus services with microtransit. This grant is best suited for agencies who are interested in the microtransit concept, but do not have the capacity & resources to explore further.  Feasibility studies are intended to inform transit and community leaders about viable microtransit options given the community, land use, and ridership context.  All microtransit implementations are unique to match the circumstances of each community. These studies are valuable decision making tools intended to segue into pilot projects, implementation of microtransit service, or other grant opportunities.

    It is important to note the grant is for planning studies only, and does not fund operations or capital needs.

    Key Dates

    Issue Call for Applications: March 13th, 2023

    Application Submission Deadline: Wednesday May 5th, 2023

    BOT Approval: July 2023

    Notification of Award: August 2023

    Notice to Proceed Issued: Winter 2023


    Only North Carlina transit agencies without existing microtransit operations are eligible for this grant program.

    Local Match

    This planning grant is 100% funded by NCDOT. No local match is required.​


    Bryan Lopez, IMD Regional Planning Manager

    balopez@ncdot.gov | 919-707-2606​

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