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Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Cost Tool - Report.pdf
Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Cost Tool - ReportFacility Cost Tool
Guidance3.09/21/2016 4:39 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Cost Tool (Beta Version).xlsx
Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Cost Tool (Beta Version)Facility Cost Tool
Guidance2.09/21/2016 4:31 PMKim Buttry
Bicycle Lanes.pdf
Bicycle LanesProject Types
Guidance9.05/10/2016 1:18 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
BikePed Project Scoping Guidance for Local Governments.pdf
Bike/Ped Project Scoping Guidance for Local Governments
2.01/15/2020 12:01 PMHolley, Amye
BP1_Greenways (Do Not Modify).docx
BP1_Greenways (Do Not Modify)Greenway & Trail
1.07/1/2014 11:59 AMMckeithan, Robert E
Complete Streets Evaluation Methodology.pdf
Complete Streets Evaluation Methodology (new)
Complete Streets4.01/28/2022 9:46 AMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Complete Streets Imp Guide Memo 1.30.19.pdf
Complete Streets Memo from the Secretary
Complete Streets3.03/5/2020 10:03 AMKim Buttry
Complete Streets Implementation Guide.pdf
Complete Streets Implementation Guide (update)
Complete Streets7.01/24/2022 9:00 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Complete Streets Project Development Evaluation Methodology Guidance Slides (Feb2022).pdf
Complete Streets1.03/4/2022 2:02 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Complete Streets Trainings Slides.pdf
Complete Streets Trainings Slides
Complete Streets1.03/4/2022 2:05 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Complete Streets Flowchart (new)
Complete Streets2.01/25/2022 7:10 AMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
CS Policy 8.28.19.pdf
Complete Streets Policy 2019
Complete Streets2.03/5/2020 10:03 AMKim Buttry
Complete Streets FAQs (update)
Complete Streets11.01/28/2022 9:31 AMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Complete Streets Review Assessment (CSRA) (new)
Complete Streets4.01/28/2022 4:29 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Design Issues Summary.pdf
Design Issues SummaryGreenway & Trail
3.09/21/2016 1:48 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Division Engineer Contact Info 2018-19.pdf
NCDOT Division Contacts 2018-19
Non-Infrastructure Transportation Alternatives Program1.03/7/2019 1:52 PMSystem Account
External Users - Rails with Trails Application FAQs.pdf
Rails with Trails Application FAQsRails with Trails
3.07/11/2019 12:42 PMLaToya Caldwell
Frequently Asked Questions about NC SRTS Non In Grant.pdf
FAQ’s for SRTS Non-Infrastructure Program
Non-Infrastructure Transportation Alternatives Program1.03/4/2019 2:22 PMSystem Account
Geospatial Standards for Planning Grant Communities_2016.pdf
PBIN Geospatial StandardsPBIN
PBIN2.03/21/2019 1:55 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
1.01/21/2016 3:23 PMservice-spsnapmgr
Grade Separated Crossings.pdf
Grade-Separated CrossingsProject Types
Guidance9.012/10/2012 9:14 AMSystem Account
Greenway Design Guidelines Value Engineering Report.pdf
Greenway Design Guidelines Value Engineering ReportGreenway & Trail
2.05/27/2014 4:29 PMKim Buttry
Greenway Standards Summary Memo.pdf
Greenway Standards Summary MemoGreenway & Trail
3.09/21/2016 1:45 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
IMD_EJ-TDI_Training Presentation_Final (31Aug2022).pdf
1.09/2/2022 12:44 PMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
Let’s Go NC! Survey
Let’s Go NC!4.05/9/2013 12:19 PMKim Buttry
Minimum Pavement Design Recommendations for Greenways.pdf
Minimum Pavement Design Recommendations for GreenwaysGreenway & Trail
2.05/27/2014 4:28 PMKim Buttry
NC Terminology for Active Travel.pdf
North Carolina Terminology for Active TravelPBIN
PBIN1.011/13/2015 1:14 PMservice-spsnapmgr
NCDOT Complete Streets Project Sheet.pdf
Complete Streets Project Sheet (update)
Complete Streets8.01/25/2022 7:06 AMJohn A. Vine-Hodge
NCDOT Roadway Design Manual - Median Drop Inlets 5-13.aspx
NCDOT’s Roadway Design Manual: Median Drop Inlets (5-13)Drainage Grate Design
3.012/10/2012 9:14 AMSystem Account
NCDOT Roadway Design Manual - Standard Catch Basin 5-14.aspx
NCDOT’s Roadway Design Manual: Standard Catch Basin (5-14)Drainage Grate Design
6.012/10/2012 9:14 AMSystem Account
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