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  • 1200 - Civil Rights

  • 1202 - Title VI - Limited English Proficiency - Environmental Justice

  • ​A Title VI Plan with complaint procedures and information regarding methods for serving and involving Limited English proficient individuals is required. Subrecipients will notify transit passengers and the public in general of the protections afforded them under Title VI.

    Notifying the Public: All subrecipients must notify potential and existing passengers of protections afforded them under Title VI. At a minimum, this information shall be disseminated by posting a Title VI notice on each vehicle and in the public area of the transit system’s lobby/transit passenger service window or an area of similar location including:​
    • on the transit agency's website;
    • in public areas of the transit agency's office;
    • in public transit vehicles and bus shelters; and,
    • in published media such as advertisements, brochures, passenger surveys (recommended).
    Complaint Procedures: All subrecipients shall develop procedures for investigating and tracking Title VI complaints filed against them and make their procedures for filing a complaint available to members of the public. The procedure shall include a Title VI complaint form. Copies shall be provided to the Integrated Mobility Division (IMD) for compliance.  

    Plan Approval: A local Title VI Plan shall be approved by subrecipient’s governing board and submitted to IMD. A plan template has been prepared by the NCDOT Office of Civil Rights that all subrecipients are required to utilize. The template is available on our Title VI webpage​. The plan must be updated after a census change, change in associated regulation, or change in Title VI Coordinator. Copies shall be provided to the Integrated Mobility Division (IMD) for compliance.
    Beyond General Requirements: In addition to the general requirements for a Title VI Plan, any operator of a deviated fixed route must also have the System‐Wide Standards and Policies document described in FTA C 4702.1B of Chapter IV, if they have published timed schedules. Contact the IMD Title VI Officer for assistance or questions.

    Limited English Proficiency: The Title VI Plan shall include an analysis of the non‐English-speaking community in the service area to determine which language or languages are used most frequently within this group. The transit system must be prepared to communicate and create documents and advertisements in these other languages.

    Environmental Justice: Transit systems must assess the impact of any program and policy development, and service changes on the minority and low-income populations in their service area. The transit system should determine how to achieve meaningful public engagement of these populations and integrate them into transportation planning and service delivery.


    FTA Circular 4702.1B

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