• Contracting Process

    ​In order for an LSC Project Team to contract with IMD, specific documents and processes must be followed.  Please make sure you follow this process and if you have any questions, contact our Contracting Team to the right.

    Contracting Process

    To give an idea of the process and steps required, see below:

    1. LSC Project Team, Firm's Project Manager, IMD Project Manager and Draft Scope are discussed and established.
    2. Final Scope and Approximate Budget is finalized.
    3. Firm should verify their rates are up to date with NCDOT.
    4. Firm's estimate, blank estimate, name of the NTP signer and RS-2 Forms are sent to the Contracting Team.  (The Blank Estimate is a copy of the Firm's Estimate, minus hours.  This helps with making sure all other factors are identical).
      1. To fill out the Estimate Form, go to the Discipline Selection Tab and choose 'IM-Public Transp' and unselect any other tabs that may be selected.
      2. If you have a sub to add for the project you are estimating add as many 'IM-Public Transp—SUB_' tabs as needed.  (If they are a new Subconsultant for you, you will need to add them to your LSC by filling out the ALT-PRIME Consultant's Subconsultant ADD-REMOVE Request form here.)
      3. Overall Summary Tab Tips: 
        1. Choose “Purchase Order under Limited Services Contract" under the Contract Type; 
        2. Choose “Cost Plus" under Payment Type; 
        3. When you have completed the entire Estimate, come back here and click on the “Lock Initial Estimate Results" button at the top right.
    5. Upper Management approves amount and project.
    6. Account is established with funding.
    7. Notice to Proceed is sent to Firm for signatures.
    8. Once the NTP is signed, the firm can begin work.  
    9. All documents are reviewed and approved by contracting and the Office of Inspector General.
    10. Permission to invoice is given to the firm by email.​

    Please use the documents listed below for contracting with IMD.  Please be aware these will update often, so make sure the version you use is the one we have on this page or it may have to be completed again.

    • Estimate Form (click link, then the Forms Drop down and click on 'NCDOT_Workday_Estimate_Form.xlsm')
    • RS-2 Form (this is used to determine what percentage of work each firm will conduct.  This is a required document.  Click link, then the Forms Drop down and click on one of the RS-2 Forms listed.)
  • Contract Invoicing

    ​The Integrated Mobility Division recently released a new process in which consultants submit invoices.  Please use this submittal process going forward for all invoices through our division.  If you have any questions about applicability, please discuss with the Project Manager of your specific project.

    To submit invoices, you will need to select the following link:  'IMD Consultant Invoice Submission'

    You will be prompted for your Project Manager's Name, your contact information, invoice specific questions and for documentation that you will attach.  You will also be asked to confirm that you have attached and signed all required docs.  Once you have submitted your invoice, your PM will review and our Finance team will process the payment. 

    In order to submit all required documentation, you are required to submit the following documentation linked templates where applicable):

    • IMD Cover Sheet (required and needs a signature) - 
      • The cover sheet requests your Invoice Number (should be same as entered in the entry field) and Agreement Number (this is your PO#)

    • Cost Plus Invoice or Lump Sum Invoice (required and needs a signature)
    • Subconsultant Form (not required if you do not have a sub on the project)
    • DBE Form​ (required and needs a signature)
    • Progress Reports (required, but format is up to firm)
    • Timesheets (required for Cost Plus Contracts and needs a signature on each)
      • Ensure hours on the timesheet match hours claimed per consultant on the invoice.
    • Vendor Accouting Software Invoice - The following components must be on the original (Accounting Software generated) prime vendor invoice (see example​):
      • ​Vendor name– the name on the invoice must match what is listed in the NCDOT Directory of Firms. (Note – this is what you see when you choose your firm's name in the drop-down list on the invoice submittal page.  If it is different on any page of documentation, it could be pushed back, unless you have added the other name as a DBA (Doing Business As)/Trade Name to a 'SUBSTITUTE FORM W-9 - VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM'.   If you need to perform this action, please complete the form and send it back to me so that I can have that processed.)
      • Remittance address – must match what is listed in the NCDOT Directory of Firms
      • Invoice number
        • ​Must be a unique invoice number for each invoice submitted (repeating the same invoice number on individual or other PO's or contracts may cause errors and delays payment processing)
        • Unique number must not have spaces, special characters or dashes
        • Invoice numbers must not have more than 16 characters (alpha and numeric values only and does need to have more than 1 or 2 numbers)
        • When submitting a revised invoice, ensure it states 'revised'
      • Invoice date (Note – this must be the same on all documents in the invoice documentation, where needed.) 
      • Contract Type – Cost-Plus or Lump Sum must be on all appropriate documents and must say the same thing.  Most of our contracts are Cost-Plus.
      • Itemized or brief description of services 
    • Documentation for any Direct Expenses​
    • Please make sure that all documents list the name of the firm exactly like it is listed with NCDOT.  For confirmation, you can reference the Directory of Firms to see how the name of your firm is worded.
    • Make sure you are following the State's Travel Policy when requesting reimbursement for direct costs  and include all documentation.
    • Ensure you have your correct PO number and WBS number on all documentation.​

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