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    ​The N.C. Department of Transportation recognizes the importance of providing intercity bus routes to connect communities across North Carolina.  NCDOT, in partnership with Intercity Bus providers, offers a safe, comfortable and affordable alternative to driving between major cities throughout the state. These services are scheduled with fixed routes that provide transportation between major North Carolina cities, as well as cities in South Carolina and Virginia.  Federal, state and local funding is provided to the intercity bus routes mapped below that serve communities by providing transportation between rural and urban areas.

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    FY23 Subsidized Intercity Bus Service 20220823.png

    Background on Current Routes​​

 Grant App Deadline Timetable

  • 2023 Stakeholder Survey

    ​The NCDOT Integrated Mobility Division is seeking input and assistance to identify intercity bus needs that will promote ridership and connections to existing intercity services, develop new intercity bus services, and create linkages to other public transportation systems. To assist with this effort, NCDOT has contracted with the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) at North Carolina State University to distribute the surveys and tabulate the results. NCDOT and ITRE will review the survey results to determine which regions of the state would potentially benefit from new, expanded, or reinstated intercity bus services. An opportunity will be provided later on to apply for funds to operate services in some areas identified as a high priority in the Intercity Bus Needs Assessment Survey and the associated Statewide Intercity Bus Network Plan. 

    We invite you to participate in the following survey (see below link). Please note that additional background information on the survey is provided in the link, and the survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes.

    2023 Intercity Bus Stakeholder Survey

    Your feedback will be used to improve intercity bus services within North Carolina. Thank you in advance for your participation.​

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