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    Operating Statistics (OpStats) are collected from each rural and urban transit provider in North Carolina each quarter. These statistics contain service information such as number of trips, miles, and hours by mode and revenues and expenses by category.


    When the transit system submits the data, ITRE imports the data into a database, cleans the data, and analyzes it. Analytical reports are provided back to the transit systems and to the state. The operational statistics are also used in reporting to the National Transit Database to satisfy requirements for continued grant funding from the Federal Transit Administration.


    By archiving this information in a database, reports can be created that display a transit systems data over time. This allows the transit system to see how they are performing compared to previous years. Peer Group reports allow each system to see how they are performing compared to other similar systems. These reports can be given to elected officials, advisory board members or the public to how they are performing.​

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