• SharePoint Online: Even More Options

    ​SharePoint Online is a new option to create and use SharePoint sites that reside in the Microsoft cloud instead of sites that reside "on-premises" on servers maintained by NCDIT Transportation. Learn more about SharePoint Online.

  • SharePoint 2016: What's New

    Inside NCDOT, Connect NCDOT, and other ​NCDIT Transportation web sites will soon be moving to SharePoint 2016. There are some new capabilities, but the user interface itself has changed very little. Here's a short document that summarizes what's new.

  • SharePoint 2013: Other Platforms and Browsers

    ​​​​SharePoint 2013 is a Microsoft product and, as such, plays best with Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8-10; some problems have been reported with IE 11. If you are using an earlier version of Office or another platform (such as a Mac), you might encounter some limitations.

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