• Integrating Supply Chain with Transportation Infrastructure Data for Enhanced Planning Capabilities

    NCDOT Research Project Number: 2020-10

 Executive Summary

  • ​The purpose of this research is to integrate supply chain data managed by NC State IES with existing geospatial transportation infrastructure data managed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) on the NC OneMap platform. The product of this initiative will be a visualization tool showing transportation infrastructure and supply chain (starting with DOD supply chain) data overlain. The intended results include enhanced planning and decision making capabilities for multiple stakeholder groups, including transportation and freight planners at NCDOT, staff at NC State IES / North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP), economic and workforce development professionals across the state, and business owners (either local to the state or outside of the state making decisions about expansion and relocation into NC).  

    Several activities have been outlined in this proposal to accomplish the outcomes stated above: 1) Conduct Data Discovery and Transformation; 2) Perform Data Visualization and Preliminary Analysis; 3) Facilitate Semi-structured Interviews and Focus Groups; 4) Incorporate Feedback from Stakeholders; and, 5) Generate Report and Disseminate Findings.   The final report will be produced at the end of the project detailing the processes for data discovery, integration, testing, and gathering feedback from stakeholders. The report will also include findings from the semi-structured interviews and focus groups with stakeholders and details regarding next steps. This project is being proposed as the pilot phase of a larger initiative that would include integration of additional segments of the NC supply chain, beyond DOD.

KeAnne Hoeg
KeAnne Hoeg
Dana Magliola
Stephanie C. Bolyard
NC State University

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 Report Period

  • August 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021


  • In Progress


  • Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modal

 Sub Category

  • Trucking and Freight

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