Reasonable Alternatives for Grade-Separated Intersection76622369/23/2020 1:30:05 PMGrade-separated intersections increase the capacity of two non-freeway roads by elevating two or more approaches, thereby removing conflict points The purpose of this study was to 9 Team Members.aspxFalse2018-20
Water Quality Benefits Associated with Retrofitting Swales with Check Dams and Pathogen Reduction by a Bioswale76621457/25/2019 12:58:11 PMNCDOT is required by the NPDES stormwater program to mitigate stormwater runoff from its facilities Therefore, the NCDOT highway stormwater program implements retrofits across the 12 Team Members.aspxFalse2014-17
Compare NCDOT Bridge Scour Calculations to USGS SIR 2016- 5121 South Carolina (SC) Scour Envelope Curves Results65908697/23/2019 2:08:10 PMThe North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) routinely performs assessment of scour potential at bridge foundations The availability of representative approaches for 18 Team Members.aspxFalse2020-06
Analysis of an Instrumented Jointless Bridge76618057/31/2019 3:03:47 PMThere are three primary objective of the research project The first is to validate analysis and design assumptions for simply supported girders, compatibility of deformation 84 Team Members.aspxFalse2001-01
Effects of Increased U-Turns at Intersections on Divided Facilities and Median Divided versus Five-Lane Undivided Benefits76618397/31/2019 1:52:02 PMA great debate is raging within the NCDOT and the public about four-lane divided versus five-lane undivided cross-sections for urban and suburban arterials 44 Team Members.aspxFalse2003-05
New Hope Creek Bridge as a Wildlife Underpass76618567/30/2019 6:19:28 PMThere are numerous concerns regarding impacts of highway bridge construction on wildlife and wildlife habitat Some concerns focus especially on wildlife mortality or, since the 36 Team Members.aspxFalse2004-07
Benchmarking for North Carolina Public Transportation Systems76618727/30/2019 5:18:47 PMBenchmarking is a process to establish standards, targets and/or best practices in regard to performance measurement Performance measures are of most use when they can be compared 2 Team Members.aspxFalse2005-12
Load Rating for NC Legal Vehicles76622247/24/2019 1:10:58 PMThe proposed research will develop a methodology to optimize the list of Legal NC Vehicles that that have been defined by the NC General Statutes (GS §20-118 50 Team Members.aspxFalse2017-07
Rumble Strip Noise Evaluation76623636/4/2020 1:14:54 PMRumble strips have become a popular treatment in North Carolina for reducing run-off-road collisions Though the safety benefit is a compelling argument for further implementation 7 Team Members.aspxFalseHWY-88992
Sampling and Testing of Stormwater Runoff from North Carolina Highways76720787/31/2019 6:34:07 PMThis project presents research findings pertaining to the implementation of a comprehensive monitoring program for characterization of North Carolina highway runoff 22 Team Members.aspxFalse1999-06

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