Technology Transfer Comprehensive Cost of Rail Incidents in NC3282919/9/2021 7:22:00 PMUnder the leadership of the North Carolina Rail Division in RP 2020-44, ITRE developed a methodology and a cost tool for estimating and forecasting the comprehensive cost of these Team Members.aspxFalseKirby, John W;System Account2021-28
Technology Transfer 2019-08 - Rail Network Trespass Statewide Severity Assessment and Predictive Modeling32039139/9/2021 7:22:00 PMNCDOT Research Project 2019-08 contributed to a more complete understanding of the extent of pedestrian trespassing along the railroad network in North Carolina by quantifying and Team Members.aspxFalseKirby, John W;System Account2021-29
Public Perceptions of Transportation Fees and Taxes in North Carolina 2020342456710/1/2021 2:44:42 PMChanging trends in the automobile market are challenging the long-term sustainability of revenue streams—and possibly how the public perceives them Team Members.aspxFalseMustansir A. Kadibhai2020-55
Technology Transfer for RP2019-24 - Work Zone Intrusion Alert System Technology Tests34345929/9/2021 7:11:44 PMThis study will evaluate the effectiveness of the work zone intrusion detection and alert system prototype that was developed by Dr. Ozan by testing the system at a number of Team Members.aspxFalseCurtis Bradley;System Account2021-22
Developing and Operationalizing a Testbed of Connected Self-driving Shuttles to Test and Develop CAV Applications in North Carolina42731479/20/2021 3:46:14 PMWith advances in communication, computation, and control technologies, fleets of Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) can be deployed to flexibly provide on-demand transportation Team Members.aspxFalseCurtis Bradley2022-16
Including Equity in Benefit-Cost Analysis42742059/9/2021 7:22:39 PMTransportation planning and funding decisions often have significant equity impacts; however, few transportation agencies today integrate equity considerations into their Team Members.aspxFalseCurtis Bradley;System Account2022-17
Strengthening Access to NC Ferries to Support Coastal Community Resiliency, Health, and Mobility427422310/11/2021 11:47:43 AMThe North Carolina (NC) Ferry system is a critical form of both essential and recreational transportation for millions of NC residents and visitors from around the world Team Members.aspxFalseCurtis Bradley;John W. Kirby2022-20
Vessel Electrification Investigation for the NCDOT Ferry Division Fleet43064529/9/2021 7:18:21 PMFerry electrification is a growing global trend, driven by an interest in reducing operational and maintenance costs, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions Team Members.aspxFalseKirby, John W;System Account2022-01
Integration of Repair and Remediation Methods into Pipe Material Selection Approach43078279/9/2021 7:17:04 PMA currently ongoing research project (Durability of Pipe Materials in Soils; RP 2020-22) has developed a pipe material selection software in Excel Exposure data (e.g., soil pH and Team Members.aspxFalseKirby, John W;System Account2022-02
Quantification of Systemic Risk Factors for Pedestrian Safety on North Carolina Roadways43754899/9/2021 7:15:20 PMPedestrian safety is a growing concern for transportation planners and safety engineers, both within North Carolina and across the country A proactive approach to address this Team Members.aspxFalseStephanie C. Bolyard;System Account2022-11

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