Comprehensive Cost of Rail Incidents Tool - Technology Transfer3282915/20/2022 4:17:43 PMThe purpose of this project was to serve as a technology transfer for RP2020-44 The Comprehensive Cost of Rail Incidents in North Carolina As such the research team worked to Team Members.aspxFalseJohn W. Kirby2021-28
Developing Vehicle Weight Monitoring Program Design Guidelines Based on Advanced Data Analytics4171172/27/2024 4:50:55 PMAs part of traffic monitoring programs, state transportation departments are required to provide information about the status of their transportation infrastructure based on Team Members.aspxFalseCurtis Bradley;Mustansir A. Kadibhai2021-30
Rail Network Trespass Statewide Severity Assessment and Predictive Modeling Technology Transfer: Phase I32039137/1/2022 3:49:48 PMFrom 2017 to 2020, the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) has been engaged in research looking at rail network trespassing events in North Carolina Team Members.aspxFalseJohn W. Kirby;Curtis Bradley2021-29
University Center of Excellence: Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure33351314/29/2024 7:16:03 PMDeveloping sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems is vital to ensuring that transportation investments deliver reliable, long-term mobility options for the state of Team Members.aspxFalseJohn W. KirbyRP2024-39
Public Perceptions of Transportation Fees and Taxes in North Carolina 2020342456711/17/2021 10:12:24 PMChanging trends in the automobile market are challenging the long-term sustainability of revenue streams—and possibly how the public perceives them Team Members.aspxFalseMustansir A. Kadibhai;Ernesto B. Spirito2020-55
Technology Transfer for RP2019-24 - Work Zone Intrusion Alert System Technology Tests34345927/6/2023 2:06:42 PMThis study explores the feasibility of camera-based work zone intrusion detection and alert technology through testing a prototype system at selected work sites and a training Team Members.aspxFalseCurtis Bradley;John W. Kirby2021-22
Economic Contribution of North Carolina's Supply Chain37361277/18/2022 12:44:08 PMThe supply chain plays a critical role in North Carolina's economy A 2016 study explained the importance and industrial composition of the supply chain in the state through 14 key Team Members.aspxFalseCurtis Bradley2023-09
Balanced Asphalt Mix Design for North Carolina37686848/10/2022 6:42:43 PMCurrent procedures for asphalt mixture design in North Carolina requires contractors to conform to volumetric requirements on the air void content, voids in mineral aggregate, and Team Members.aspxFalseMustansir A. Kadibhai;Kim Buttry2023-02
Predicting Resilience and Reducing Failure of SCMs to Extreme Storm Events41485857/20/2022 7:04:35 PMThe state of North Carolina has been struck by several extreme rainfall events over the past few years, which have caused failures in stormwater infrastructure (including but not Team Members.aspxFalseJohn W. Kirby2023-15
Methods for Concrete Crack Sealant41872079/13/2022 2:05:05 PMCracks are ubiquitous in concrete and reinforced concrete structures and are generally caused by the material volume instability (e.g., shrinkage), mechanical or environmental Team Members.aspxFalseMustansir A. Kadibhai2023-07

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