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2019-01EnvironmentTravis Gannon
2019-02EnvironmentWilliam F. Hunt, III
2019-03EnvironmentCraig J. Allan
2019-04EnvironmentWilliam F. Hunt, III
2019-05EnvironmentRichard A. McLaughlin
2019-06EnvironmentWater Quality and Pollutant DischargeJosh Heitman
2019-08Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitMiscellaneousSarah Searcy; Christopher Cunningham; Chris Vaughan
2019-10Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitFerryGlenda K. Mayo; Jake Smithwick
2019-11Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitTraffic ForecastingEleni Bardaka; Nagui M. Rouphail; George F. List; Billy M. Williams; H. Christopher Frey
2019-12Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitTraffic Surveys, Modeling and ForecastingSrinivas Pulugurtha; Venkata R. Duddu
2019-13Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitMiscellaneousAlex Albert
2019-14Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitMiscellaneousEleni Bardaka; Daniel Findley; Larry R. Goode
2019-15Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitMiscellaneousEdward J. Jaselskis
2019-16Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitPublic & Rural TransportationBrittany V. Gaustad; Eleni Bardaka; Kai Monast
2019-17Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitTrucking and FreightGeorge F. List; Peter Coclanis; Daniel Findley; Billy M. Williams
2019-18Traffic & SafetyTraffic SafetySarah Worth O`Brien; R. Thomas Chase
2019-19Pavement & MaintenancePavement StrengthY. Richard Kim
2019-20Pavement & MaintenancePavement StrengthB. Shane Underwood; Cassie A. Castorena
2019-21Pavement & MaintenanceAsphalt Mix DesignCassie A. Castorena
2019-22Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalConcreteBrett Q. Tempest; Tara Cavalline
2019-23Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalBridge Maintenance and ManagementHowie Fang
2019-24Traffic & SafetyWorker, Employee SafetyErol Ozan
2019-25Traffic & SafetyTraffic SafetyR. Thomas Chase; Christopher Cunningham; Chris Vaughan
2019-26Traffic & SafetyTraffic ManagementChristopher Cunningham; Shannon Warchol
2019-27Traffic & SafetyTraffic ForecastingMathew Palmer; Daniel Findley; Shannon Warchol
2019-28Traffic & SafetyTraffic SafetyMathew Palmer; Jing Feng; Seth Hollar; Ali Karimoddini
2019-29Traffic & SafetyTraffic ManagementNagui M. Rouphail
2019-30Traffic & SafetyTraffic ManagementR. Thomas Chase
2019-31Traffic & SafetyMiscellaneousShannon Warchol
2019-32Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitMiscellaneousDaniel Findley; Eleni Bardaka
2019-40Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitMiscellaneousChristopher Cunningham
HWY-88992EnvironmentAir Quality and Noise AbatementDaniel Findley; Chris Vaughan
2018-01EnvironmentWetlands MitigationJosh Gray
2018-02EnvironmentErosion and Turbidity ControlSusana R. Milla-Lewis
2018-03EnvironmentStormwaterWilliam F. Hunt, III
2018-05EnvironmentProject DevelopmentReide Corbett
2018-06EnvironmentFlora and FaunaMari Chinn
2018-07Traffic & SafetyTraffic ForecastingSarah Searcy; Behzad Aghdashi; R. Thomas Chase; Joseph Huegy
2018-08Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitAdministrationJake Smithwick
2018-09EnvironmentVehicles, Fuel, EnergyH. Christopher Frey
2018-10Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitFerryGlenda K. Mayo
2018-11Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitFerryDaniel Findley
2018-12Planning, Policy, Programming and TransitTraffic Surveys, Modeling and ForecastingKai Monast; Jeremy Scott
2018-13Pavement & MaintenancePavement PerformanceY. Richard Kim
2018-14Pavement & MaintenanceConcrete PavementsTara Cavalline; Brett Q. Tempest
2018-15Pavement & MaintenancePavement ManagementCassie A. Castorena
2018-16Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalComposite & Innovative MaterialsRudolf Seracino; Gregory Lucier
2018-17Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalSubstructures, Foundations and HydraulicsMiguel Pando; Howie Fang; David C. Weggel; Matthew J. Whelan
2018-18EnvironmentMiscellaneousBrina M. Montoya
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