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2022-01Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalFerryJohn C. Hildreth
2022-02Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalDurability and Corrosion ResistanceMohammad Pour-Ghaz; Gregory Lucier
2022-03Environment and HydraulicsMiscellaneousTravis Gannon
2022-16Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalPublic & Rural TransportationAli Karimoddini; Abdollah Homaifar
2022-17Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalMiscellaneousLeta F. Huntsinger; Steve Bert; Daniel Findley
2022-18Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalTrucking and FreightWenwu Tang; Wei Fan; Shen-En Chen
2022-19Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalPassenger RailDaniel Findley; Steve Bert
2022-20Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalFerryLaura Sandt; Tabitha Combs; Sarah Worth O`Brien
2022-21Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalMiscellaneousTimothy Mulrooney
2020-58BPlanning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalMiscellaneousJennifer Palcher-Silliman
2021-01Environment and HydraulicsFlora and FaunaSusana R. Milla-Lewis
2021-02Environment and HydraulicsStormwaterWilliam F. Hunt, III
2021-03Environment and HydraulicsStormwaterBarbara Doll; Dan Line; Jack Kurki-Fox
2021-04Environment and HydraulicsStormwaterJacelyn Rice-Boayue; Mariya Munir
2021-05Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalMiscellaneousSameer Hamoush; Ahmed Megri; Sun Yi; Younho Seong
2021-06Pavement, Materials and MaintenanceAsphalt Mix DesignCassie A. Castorena; B. Shane Underwood; Y. Richard Kim
2021-07Pavement, Materials and MaintenancePavement MaterialsY. Richard Kim
2021-08Pavement, Materials and MaintenanceRoad MaintenanceB. Shane Underwood; Brina M. Montoya
2021-09Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalBridge DesignGiorgio Proestos; Rudolf Seracino; Gregory Lucier
2021-10Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalMiscellaneousAmin K. Akhnoukh; Rudolf Seracino
2021-11Traffic, Mobility, Safety and Roadway DesignFacility DesignChristopher Cunningham; Michael R. Brown; Celen Pasalar
2021-12Traffic, Mobility, Safety and Roadway DesignMiscellaneousWilliam J. Rasdorf; Rudolf Seracino; Nagui M. Rouphail; Kevin Han; Minerva Bonilla
2021-13Traffic, Mobility, Safety and Roadway DesignMiscellaneousWilliam J. Rasdorf; Fred Kish; Morgan Westbrook
2021-14Traffic, Mobility, Safety and Roadway DesignTraffic SafetyRaghavan Srinivasan; Taha Saleem; Bo Lan; Michael Vann
2021-15Traffic, Mobility, Safety and Roadway DesignTraffic ManagementDaniel Findley; Thomas Dudley; Joy C. Davis
2021-16Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalMiscellaneousEdward J. Jaselskis
2021-17Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalMiscellaneousJason A. Coupet; Joy C. Davis; Steve Bert
2021-18Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalBicycle and PedestrianSarah Searcy; Blythe Carter; Wes Kumfer
2021-19Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalFerryDaniel Findley; Steve Bert; Kai Monast; James B. Martin
2021-21Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalMiscellaneousDaniel Findley; Edward J. Jaselskis
2021-22Traffic, Mobility, Safety and Roadway DesignTraffic SafetyErol Ozan
2021-28Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalPassenger RailSteve Bert; Sarah Searcy; Daniel Findley
2021-29Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalPassenger RailSarah Searcy
2020-01Environment and HydraulicsErosion and Turbidity ControlRichard A. McLaughlin
2020-02Environment and HydraulicsHuman EnvironmentDaniel Findley
2020-03Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalDurability and Corrosion ResistanceCelso Castro-Bolinaga
2020-04Environment and HydraulicsStream MitigationNarcisa Pricope
2020-05Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalMiscellaneousMohammad Pour-Ghaz; Mohammed A. Gabr; Detlef Knappe
2020-06Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalDurability and Corrosion ResistanceBrina M. Montoya; Mohammed A. Gabr
2020-07Environment and HydraulicsAir Quality and Noise AbatementH. Christopher Frey
2020-09Environment and HydraulicsProject DevelopmentMargery Overton
2020-10Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modalTrucking and FreightKeAnne Hoeg
2020-11Pavement, Materials and MaintenancePavement PerformanceB. Shane Underwood; Cassie A. Castorena
2020-12Pavement, Materials and MaintenanceAsphalt Mix DesignB. Shane Underwood; Cassie A. Castorena
2020-13Pavement, Materials and MaintenanceConcrete PavementsTara L. Cavalline; Brett Q. Tempest
2020-14Pavement, Materials and MaintenancePavement PerformanceDong (Don) Chen; Thomas Nicholas II
2020-15Pavement, Materials and MaintenanceAsphalt Mix DesignAkhtarhusein A. Tayebali; Cassie A. Castorena
2020-16Pavement, Materials and MaintenanceAsphalt Mix DesignCassie A. Castorena
2020-17Pavement, Materials and MaintenancePavement StrengthB. Shane Underwood; Murthy Guddati
2020-18Structures, Construction and GeotechnicalMiscellaneousKevin Han; William J. Rasdorf
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