• Development of Pavement Performance Models using New Breakpoints and Pretreatment Conditions

    NCDOT Research Project Number: 2020-14

 Executive Summary

  • ​Previous studies indicated that two factors, traffic loading parameter and pre-treatment pavement condition, can have significantly impact on pavement performance and should be considered when developing pavement performance models. 

    This study was conducted to use these two factors to develop new pavement performance models for the NCDOT Pavement Management System (PMS). A new traffic load indicator, AADTT, was selected and then its breakpoints were determined. These breakpoints, together with thresholds of pre-treatment pavement conditions, were used to define new pavement families; the corresponding distress and performance models were also developed. 

    2020-14_Picture1.jpg                               Flow Chart for the Research Project

    In addition, a pilot study was conducted to use ESAL as an alternative traffic loading parameter to develop distress and performance models for Interstate routes. These new models are expected to be more accurate and robust in predicting pavement deterioration trends because of the inclusion of additional pertinent factors; once the existing somewhat obsolete performance models developed using AADT are replaced by these new models, the performance of the NCDOT PMS will be improved and more informed maintenance and rehabilitation decisions can be made.  

Dong (Don) Chen
Dong (Don) Chen; Thomas Nicholas II
Camille Coombes
Mustan Kadibhai, PE, CPM
UNC Charlotte

 Report Period

  • August 1, 2019 - December 31, 2021


  • Complete


  • Pavement, Materials and Maintenance

 Sub Category

  • Pavement Performance

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