• Location Aware Approach to Creating Effective Public Outreach

    NCDOT Research Project Number: 2020-38

 Executive Summary

  • ​NCDOT enhances its ability to establish relationships, credibility and consensus throughout the course of the transportation decision-making process by using a variety of methods to engage the public.  The way that the public is engaged, informs and invites the section of public that lives nearby and would have the most perceived short and medium term adverse effects from the project implementation. Whereas the section of public using the project corridor to transit and would have the most perceived medium and long term benefit, is not effectively engaged. We propose to value-add existing public outreach strategies by augmenting them with spatial analysis tools, state of the art targeted information dissemination techniques, and a spatial public engagement portal.


Okan Pala
Okan Pala
Joseph E. Hummer
Curtis T. Bradley
NC State University

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 Report Period

  • July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021


  • In Progress


  • Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modal

 Sub Category

  • Miscellaneous

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