• Evaluation of School Travel Patterns and Preferences

    NCDOT Research Project Number: 2021-15

 Executive Summary

  • ​This research proposal includes several efforts to support the use of the NCDOT MSTA School Traffic Calculator (STC), with specific focus on estimates generated for vehicular demand rates and queue length.  The specific efforts include expanding the sample size of locations with highly variable estimates, evaluating trends related to school travel, comparing loading/unloading zone techniques, and developing recommendations for modeling school locations in Synchro.​

    ​​In the proposed research design, school travel data will be collected by the research team at a total of 45 schools across North Carolina, varying by school type and geography with a focus on school types/characteristics that have highly variable queue length estimates. This new data will be paired with existing STC data.  Loading/unloading zones will also be studied to help identify and quantify the most beneficial practices. The Institute for Transportation Research and Education's (ITRE) research team is uniquely qualified to undertake this study effort on behalf of NCDOT with expertise in multimodal school travel, traffic data collection, and trip generation research experience.​

    Does your school have interest in participating as 1 of the 45 schools selected for this research effort? Would your school be interested in sharing your story regarding loading and unloading techniques and processes? If so, please contact our research team member managing school outreach Joy Davis (jcdavis7@ncsu.edu) or our principal investigator Daniel Findley (Daniel_Findley@ncsu.edu).
Daniel Findley
Daniel Findley; Thomas Dudley; Joy C. Davis
Kimberly D. Hinton
Stephanie C. Bolyard
NC State University - ITRE

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 Report Period

  • January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2022


  • In Progress


  • Traffic, Mobility, Safety and Roadway Design

 Sub Category

  • Traffic Management

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