• Crossing Treatment Process for Safer Shared Use Path Crossings

    NCDOT Research Project Number: 2021-18

 Executive Summary

  • ​The objective of this project is to create a mid-block shared use path (SUP) roadway crossing treatment analysis tool that aids planners and engineers in identifying risky crossings and determining which treatments can effectively mitigate that risk. This objective will be accomplished through (1) the validation of whether the North Carolina Pedestrian Crossing Guidance is applicable to SUP mid-block roadway crossings and (2) the development of a safety performance function (SPF) that utilizes surrogate safety measures along with volume and infrastructure data to quantify the safety of SUP users at mid-block roadway crossings. The model will be calibrated using observational data collected at a sample of SUP-roadway crossings in North Carolina. Various existing data source on motorized and non-motorized volumes will also be incorporated into the safety model to determine significant factors to create annualized estimates of risk and exposure along a SUP corridor. Bicycle and pedestrian volumes along with the SPF can inform a safety ranking system that identifies priority crossing improvement projects along a shared-use path corridor. The outcomes of this project will be a more complete understanding of the impacts of various mid-block crossing treatments on SUP user experiences in North Carolina as informed by local data sources as well as clear guidance on how to make informed decisions when deciding what treatments to apply to a SUP-roadway crossing.​

Sarah E. Searcy
Sarah E. Searcy; Blythe Carter; Wes Kumfer
John A. Vine-Hodge
Curtis T. Bradley
NC State University - ITRE
UNC Chapel Hill - HSRC

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 Report Period

  • January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2022


  • In Progress


  • Planning, Policy, Programming and Multi-modal

 Sub Category

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian

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