• Technology Transfer for RP2019-24 - Work Zone Intrusion Alert System Technology Tests

    NCDOT Research Project Number: 2021-22

 Executive Summary

  • ​This study will evaluate the effectiveness of the work zone intrusion detection and alert system prototype that was developed by Dr. Ozan by testing the system at a number of actual work sites in North Carolina. The project will employ a number of data collection and scientific observation methods to test the applicability of the technological approach in the field. The following methods will be used: (1) safe intrusion experiments to measure the effectiveness of the intrusion detection and timely activation and the dissemination of the alerts; (2) the observation of the utilization of the device by the study participants (e.g., workers, field engineers) to evaluate the usefulness of the system to be used in actual work areas; (3) conducting a survey to capture opinions of the study participants in various aspects of the system (userfriendliness, ease of setup, performance, compatibility with the work zone environment).

Erol Ozan
Erol Ozan
Jarvis Gray
Stephanie C. Bolyard
East Carolina University

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 Report Period

  • April 15, 2021 - October 31, 2021


  • In Progress


  • Traffic, Mobility, Safety and Roadway Design

 Sub Category

  • Traffic Safety

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