• Economic Contribution of North Carolina's Supply Chain

    NCDOT Research Project Number: 2023-09

 Executive Summary

  • The supply chain plays a critical role in North Carolina's economy.  A 2016 study explained the importance and industrial composition of the supply chain in the state through 14 key supply chain sectors. This proposed study would reflect the changes occurring in the supply chain as well as the overall impact of the supply chain.  Understanding the supply chain is important for considerations of transportation investments and their impact on the economy and specific sectors.

    The objective of this project is to define and quantify the economic contribution of the supply chain to North Carolina's economy. The Logistics office will be the primary business unit engaged in this research, but the results will have farther reaching effects as this information will be used by a variety of stakeholders and policy-makers.  The research will result in documenting the economic contribution of the supply chain in North Carolina and quantifying the exposure that each mode of transportation has on each key supply chain sector. This project will conduct a gap analysis, by first identifying the current state of logistics in the state, and conduct interviews with subject matter experts and stakeholders across multiple public and private sector industries to understand what gaps exist.  These gaps will be identified, and specific activities required to close these gaps will be identified, and costed out versus the return on investment that could be generated by investments in the infrastructure.  “What-if" analysis estimates will be generated using IMPLAN data, to look at the potential upside of these investments.​​

Daniel Findley
Daniel Findley; Robert B. Handfield
Dana Magliola
Curtis T. Bradley
NC State University - ITRE
NC State University

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 Report Period

  • August 1, 2022 - March 31, 2024


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