2018 5311 Application.zip2018 5311 Application2018 5311 ApplicationCurrent Open ApplicationsCTP
 FY 18 5310 Grant Application.zipFY 18 5310 Grant ApplicationFY 18 5310 Grant ApplicationCurrent Open ApplicationsTTAP
 FY18 5317 Capital Application.zipFY18 5317 Capital ApplicationFY18 5317 Capital ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 ConCPT Funds Application 20170824.docConCPT Funds Application 20170824Application for Consolidation or Coordination FundsCurrent Open Applications
 FY 2019 5311 Application Documents.zipFY 2019 5311 Application DocumentsCurrent Open ApplicationsCTP
 FY 2019 5311 Application Package 20170831.zipFY 2019 5311 Application Package 20170831Current Open ApplicationsCTP
 FY17 5310 Application.zipFY17 5310 Application5310 Elderly and Disabled FY 17 Grant ApplicationPrevious Closed Applications5310
 FY2017_Appalachian_Grant.zipFY2017_Appalachian_GrantFY 17 Appalachian GrantPrevious Closed ApplicationsADTAP
 2017_5311_Application (1).zip2017_5311_Application (1)FY 17 5311 Grant ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsCTP
 FY2016 JARC-NF.zipFY2016 JARC-NFFY 2016 JARC-NF Grant ApplicationsPrevious Closed ApplicationsTTAP
 FY 18 SMAP Application.zipFY 18 SMAP ApplicationFY 18 SMAP ApplicationCurrent Open ApplicationsSMAP
 Completed FY18 ROAP Documents.zipCompleted FY18 ROAP DocumentsFY18 ROAP Documents with Revised Allocation Table DateCurrent Open ApplicationsROAP
 2017-2018 ROAP Allocation Table 20170809.pdf2017-2018 ROAP Allocation Table 201708092017-2018 ROAP Allocation Table 20170809Current Open Applications
 FY 18 SMAP Allocation.pdfFY 18 SMAP AllocationSMAP AllocationCurrent Open ApplicationsSMAP
 FY 2019 5310 Application Documents.zipFY 2019 5310 Application DocumentsCurrent Open Applications
 FY 2019 Traveler's Aid  Documents.zipFY 2019 Traveler's Aid DocumentsCurrent Open Applications
 FY_16_SMAP_Application.zipFY_16_SMAP_ApplicationFY 16 SMAP ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsSMAP
 FY_16_ROAP_Application.zipFY_16_ROAP_ApplicationFY 16 ROAP ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsROAP
 FY17 ROAP Application.zipFY17 ROAP ApplicationFY17 ROAP ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsROAP
 FY18 5310 Operating Grant Application.zipFY18 5310 Operating Grant ApplicationPrevious Closed Applications
 FY18 5311 Operating Admin Grant Application.zipFY18 5311 Operating Admin Grant ApplicationPrevious Closed Applications
 FY18 Travelers Aid Application.zipFY18 Travelers Aid ApplicationPrevious Closed Applications
 FY18 ROAP Documents.zipFY18 ROAP Documents FY18 ROAP DocumentsPrevious Closed Applications
 FY18 Consolidated Capital Call for Projects Grant Application.zipFY18 Consolidated Capital Call for Projects Grant ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 FY 2019 Capital Application Documents.zipFY 2019 Capital Application DocumentsCurrent Open Applications
 FY 2019 Mobility Manager Application Documents.zipFY 2019 Mobility Manager Application DocumentsCurrent Open Applications
 FY 17 5316 Capital Application.zipFY 17 5316 Capital ApplicationFY 17 5316 Capital ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsVehicles
 FY18 5303 Application.zipFY18 5303 ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 FY18 TDM Rideshare.zipFY18 TDM RideshareCurrent Open ApplicationsTDMP
 FY 18 Urban Technology Application.zipFY 18 Urban Technology ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 FY18 Urban State Match Application.zipFY18 Urban State Match ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 FTAFundingApportionments FFY17 20170719.pdfFTAFundingApportionments FFY17 20170719Current Open ApplicationsFFY 2017 5307/5340
 FY 19 Urban State Match Application.zipFY 19 Urban State Match ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 FY 19 Advanced Technology Application.zipFY 19 Advanced Technology ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 FY 19 TDM Application.zipFY 19 TDM ApplicationCurrent Open ApplicationsTDMP
 FY 19 5303 Application.zipFY 19 5303 ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 FY 19 Apprenticeship Sponsor Application.zipFY 19 Apprenticeship Sponsor ApplicationCurrent Open ApplicationsApprenticeships and Internships
 FY 19 Internship Sponsor Application.zipFY 19 Internship Sponsor ApplicationCurrent Open Applications
 FY 18 5307 Application Attachments.zipFY 18 5307 Application AttachmentsCurrent Open Applications
 FY-19 5307 Application.zipFY-19 5307 ApplicationNewCurrent Open Applications
 FY 17 Travelers Aid.zipFY 17 Travelers AidPrevious Closed ApplicationsTraveler’s Aid
 Section 5307 Urban Capital Overview.zipSection 5307 Urban Capital OverviewPrevious Closed Applications5303
 FY17_TDM_Application.zipFY17_TDM_ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsTDM
 FY 17 Apprentice and Intern Programs.zipFY 17 Apprentice and Intern ProgramsPrevious Closed ApplicationsApprenticeships and Internships
 FY 17 Advanced Technology Grant.zipFY 17 Advanced Technology GrantPrevious Closed ApplicationsReference
 Intern Program Sponsorship Application.docxIntern Program Sponsorship ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsApprenticeships and Internships
 Apprentice Program Sponsorship Application.docxApprentice Program Sponsorship ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsApprenticeships and Internships
 Internship Application Form.docxInternship Application FormPrevious Closed ApplicationsApprenticeships and Internships
 Apprenticeship Application Form.docxApprenticeship Application FormPrevious Closed ApplicationsApprenticeships and Internships
 FY_17_InterCity_Grant_Application.zipFY_17_InterCity_Grant_ApplicationInterCity Grant ApplicationPrevious Closed ApplicationsIntercity
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expand Section : Level 1 Reporting: Receiving less than $25,000 ‎(4)
expand Section : Level 2 Reporting: Receiving at least $25,000 but less than $500,000 ‎(9)
expand Section : Level 3 Reporting: Receiving $500,000 or more ‎(8)
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