• Assessment of the Groundwater Flows at Juniper Bay and their Impact on the Surrounding Area

    NCDOT Research Project Number: 2002-19

 Executive Summary

  • This proposal is a supplement to the work already underway on the Juniper Bay wetland restoration project in Robeson County. Preliminary data from the Juniper Bay wetland restoration study suggests that significant flows of groundwater are both entering and leaving the bay. Due to the sparseness of the data currently being collected, any estimate of the subsurface flows based on those data would be crude. An assessment of the role of the groundwater flows in the hydrologic behavior of the project site and its impacts on the surrounding area depends strongly on a reasonably accurate picture of what is happening at the perimeter of the bay.​

    The objectives of this research are to:Characterize the subsurface flows at four locations on the perimeter of the project site.Determine the degree and modes of interaction of the perimeter ditch with the partially confined sand strata.Model the subsurface flows in the Juniper Bay area and assess the impacts of those flows on the area immediately surrounding the bay.Develop management recommendations for minimizing off-site impacts at Juniper Bay and extrapolate findings to provide guidelines for assessment of the likelihood of hydraulic trespass on wetland conversion sites in general."

Christopher P. Bobko; Paul Zia; Rudolf Seracino
Jim Hauser
G. Dennis Pipkin
NC State University

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 Report Period

  • May 2002 - April 2005


  • Complete


  • Environment and Hydraulics

 Sub Category

  • Wetlands Mitigation

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