• Resource Conservation Program

    The purpose of the Resource Conservation Program (RCP) is to promote and manage the use of recycled and solid  waste products and materials throughout the Statewide system of transportation construction and maintenance  projects as required by NC G.S.§ 136‐28.8(g) and G.S.§ 130A‐309.14(3). The NC General Assembly requires that an  annual report be prepared by every department and submitted to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)  by October 1st of each year. In addition to the annual report, on behalf of the department, the Value Management  Office (VMO) is required to review bid procedures and processes every year to encourage the purchase and use of  recycled materials. NCDOT 2018 General Specification 104‐13 requires that all contractors submit a report of the  recycled materials used on every NCDOT project for which they contract with NCDOT for by July 1st of every year.

    The Resource Conservation Program is also responsible for tracking the use of Coal Combustion Products (CCP) that  are used by the department as required by § 130A‐309.219​. The process for approving and using Coal Combustion  Products on NCDOT projects can be found here (CCP Process). If you are currently planning on using Coal  Combustion Products on an NCDOT project than please consult the CCP Process guidelines listed above, and then  fill out and submit the appropriate form for approval (CCP approval Form). 

    The form to report recycled products and solid waste utilization for next year's annual report  is located here  (RCP Annual Reporting Form).

    Current (SFY 2018‐2019) Annual Resource Conservation Program Report

    Prior years reports will be posted soon…

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    VMO will be looking to expand and refine the current RCP with additional components in the future, changes that  are currently being considered are:

    • Implementing any changes to the materials being recorded due to future research project outcomes
    • Combining the current NCDOT 3R Report with the annual RCP report (the 3R report contains common office  recycling products such as Copy Paper, Plastic Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Glass Bottles, etc.)
    • Adding charts/graphs of the past several reports recycling totals to depict recycling trends in such products over time
    • A separation into three separate and distinct tables products that are considered
      • Products currently recycled by NCDOT
      • Recyclable products that can/could be recycled in the future
      • Products which were recycled by other entities in conjunction with NCDOT projects
    • Modifying the online SharePoint submission form to include a dropdown list of every NCDOT office, and  add/remove products based upon future research project outcomes
    • Developing a better method to ensure greater data reporting compliance amongst NCDOT offices and  contractors regarding the reporting of recycled/recyclable materials
    If you have any questions or other inquiries regarding the Resource Conservation Program​, please contact:  valuemanagementunit@ncdot.gov
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