• PSA Financial Feasibility Screening Tool (FFST)

    ​The Tool provides the flexibility to assess new facilities or the conversion or upgrade of existing infrastructure to tolled facilities.

    The Tool generates order-of-magnitude forecasts of toll revenues' ability to cover operating and maintenance costs as well as the ability to contribute upfront funding toward construction costs. The tool was developed using Excel 365 and may not be compatible with older versions.

  • Financial Feasibility Screen Tool – Single Run

    ​This version is ideal when assessing a limited number of scenarios because inputs are entered directly in the project type worksheets.

    Financial Feasibility Planning Tool Single Run

  • Financial Feasibility Screen Tool – Batch Run

    ​This version is an effective option for users who need to assess the financial feasibility of multiple projects. This version provides users a worksheet to enter up to 10 toll projects for each project type. A drop-down list menu is available to switch among projects more efficiently. This version simplifies the work of retyping repetitive information and serves as a repository in case the user needs to revisit certain scenarios to run alternative analyses, saving time and resources.

    Financial Feasibility Planning Tool Batch Run

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