• Functional Classification of Highways


    Functional classification is the process of grouping streets and highways into classes according to the character of service they are intended to provide. The Transportation Planning Branch is responsible for the processing updates of the Federal Functional Classification System in North Carolina. 
    Prior to 2008, functional classifications were stratified by area type, either rural or urban.  In an effort to de-emphasize the urban boundary as being a deciding factor of functional classification, the classes were redefined into one schema independent of urban or rural designation.  The functional classes are as follows:  Interstate; Other Freeways and Expressways; Other Principal Arterial; Minor Arterial, Major Collector and Minor Collector. 
    More detailed information about functional classification may be found at the FHWA website .

    The current functional designations for North Carolina roadways may be accessed through the following link to the NCDOT online - GO!NC



 Maps from NCDOT.gov


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