• About the Statewide Freight Plan

    In 2017 the N.C. Department of Transportation created a Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan that set goals and strategies to improve economic competitiveness, increase jobs and enhance quality of life.  While progress has been made on the freight-specific recommendations outlined in that plan, the 2023 North Carolina Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan Update will look to the future by:

    • Addressing recent changes in the freight market
    • Identifying ways to enhance economic development opportunities and competitiveness through more streamlined freight movement
    • Improving freight system efficiency and reliability while enhancing safety and security
    • Identifying and implementing new freight technologies to improve reliability and efficiency
    • Meeting new federal requirements identified in the latest Bipartisan Infrastructure Law  (BIL) as well as the previous requirements under the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act  which ensures that North Carolina can utilize National Freight Program funds. The act requires states to develop comprehensive freight plans and encourages them to establish freight advisory committees. North Carolina has established a Statewide Freight Advisory Committee as well as six Regional Freight Advisory Councils .​

    Connecting people and goods through freight movement is essential to keep the economy moving and provide a better quality of life for all. That is why the N.C. Department of Transportation has updated its Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan and would like your feedback. 

    Your comments are essential to identify ways that NCDOT can support the movement of freight more efficiently and effectively.   

    The Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan Update documents the current and future status of North Carolina's multimodal freight system, which includes air cargo, ports and waterways, pipelines, rail, trucks and highways. During our Plan development, we engaged stakeholders through regional meetings, interviews and surveys to gather input on freight needs and concerns across the state and have integrated that feedback into the Plan Update. 

    Comments were accepted through January 9, 2023.   

    The 2023 North Carolina Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan was adopted by the North Carolina Board of Transportation​ on Febrary 7, 2023.

 Truck Parking

  • Development Schedule

    ​State Freight Network AssessmentMay 2022
    Stakeholder InterviewsFebruary – May 2022
    Supply Chain and Logistics ProfileMay 2022
    Truck Parking StudyMarch- July 2022
    Strategies and RecommendationsJune 2022
    Public CommentDecember 6, 2022 - January 8, 2023
    Final Plan
     January 8, 2023


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