v  Study Initiation Procedure
·       Study Initiation Letter
·        Create Base Map
·        Create CTP/Model Project Folder
·        Call/Hold Initial Meetings
·         Agree to Plan Milestone and End Date
·       Develop/ Update CTP Web Page  
v  Interagency Coordination Protocol
    ·     Protocol Companion Tables (Excel)   
v  Public Involvement Procedure
·         Integrating Title VI into the CTP Process
      + Demographic Profile and Map Package (2013-2017 ACS)7/25/2019 Read Me File
          -African American
·         Formal Presentation      
·         Informal Meetings 
+ Meeting Minutes-Example
v  Evaluate / Develop Community Vision, Goals and Objectives, MOE, Performance Targets
·        Sample G&O Survey Questions
v  Agreement on Tools and Data Needs
·         Trend Analysis
·         Hand Allocation Model
·         Travel Demand Model 
v Establish Schedule and Roles/Responsibilities
·  CTP Scheduling and R/R Tool (coming soon)
v Collect Data
·   Existing Street Data
·   SHC/ Intrastate, STRAHNET / Truck Route, Special Network Data 
·  Collect Freight Data
·   Collect Transit Data
v Quality Check Data
v Project SE and Traffic Data to Future Year
v Complete Deficiency Analysis
·   Identify Existing Deficiencies
·   Identify Future Deficiencies
v Document Needs Assessment
·   Trend Analysis Documentation
·   Hand Allocation Model Documentation
·   PS-Tips
·   PS-FAQ

v  Identify and Evaluate Constraints/Key Priorities

v  Alternative and Scenario Analysis

·         Guidance for Identification of Facility Type    

v  Develop Capacities for Future Year    10/10/2014

·         Level of Service D Standard Tables

·         Level of Service D Standard Inputs

·         Appendix A - Freeway Equations and Inputs

·         Appendix B - Expressway Equations and Inputs

·         Appendix C - Boulevard Equations and Inputs

·         Appendix D - Other Major Thoroughfare Equations and Inputs

·         Appendix E - Thoroughfare Equations and Inputs

·         Appendix F - Rural Two-Lane Highway (55 MPH) Equations and Inputs

·         NCLOS Data Needs and Sources

·         LOS Training Presentation 





            · CTP Peer Review Process Training
· Sample 1 – Draft CTP Report Distribution Memorandum (NCDOT)
· Sample 2 Draft CTP Report Distribution Letter (local staff and RPO)
· Sample 3 – CTP Report Distribution Memorandum (planning partners)
· Sample 4 – CTP Report Distribution Letter (local staff)
· Sample 5 – CTP CD Label Template
· Sample 6 – NCDOT Employee News Memorandum
v Minimum CTP Standard Report Template (zip file of all report documents)
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