• Problem Statement

    Problem Statement (PS) to Purpose and Need (P&N) is the first Integration linkage to be completed.  PS Guidance was endorsed by the Interagency Leadership Team on January 13, 2010.  The goal of the PS is to develop a product in the long range transportation planning that can be used as the starting point for NEPA/SEPA. The intent is that this problem statement would:

    • form a substantial core of the NEPA/SEPA required purpose and need statement, and
    • save time in preparing and/or agreeing to the purpose and need in project development.

    The purpose of creating problem statements is to communicate the need, context, and concept for proposed projects included in the long range transportation plan, Comprehensive Transportation Plans (CTPs) or Metropolitan Transportation Plans (MTPs). The format provides two sections, titled ‘Identified Problem’ and ‘Project Proposal’.   

    The ‘Identified Problem’ section is intended to provide a clear and concise description of the problem.  This section does not contain a description of the project or any discussion that would limit possible alternatives for consideration.

    The ‘Project Proposal’ section is intended to provide supporting information about the recommendation on the long range transportation plan.  It contains data that has been identified as “good to know” information when making decisions about the P&N for a project.  It is not intended to provide information for decisions related to alternatives analysis (this will be included in an Alternatives and Scenario Analysis section of the transportation plan report, where applicable).

    Problem Statement / Purpose and Need Class Handouts (note: All handouts have the same material)


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