• STC Master Plans—Bundle 1

    ​The Bundle 1 corridors include:

    Bundle 1

    Corridor P: Future I-42 – Future I-42/US 70E/NCRR from I-440 in Wake Co. to Port of Morehead City

    Corridor S: Future I-795 – I-795/US 117 in Wilson Co. to I-40 in Sampson Co.

    Corridor X: Jacksonville to Greenville – US 258/NC 11/US 13 from US 17 in Onslow Co. to US 64E in Edgecombe Co.


    Click here for Map of Bundle 1 corridors 

  • STC Master Plan Schedule—Bundles 1 and 2

    ​The Master Plan process is anticipated to be approximately 1 year long for each corridor. For the first five corridors, the following schedule is planned:


  • MPO/RPO Information and Meetings

    ​The project team will meet with MPO and RPO staff, Transportation Advisory Committees (TAC), and Technical Coordinating Committees (TCC) twice during development of the master plans. Below are links to information presented to each MPO/RPO.

    Additional data about each corridor is in the following reports under “Supporting Documents.” Each of these plans are living documents that will continue to be updated as information is collected and input is received from stakeholders and agencies.

  • Corridor Steering Committee Information and Meetings

    The Corridor Steering Committee (CSC) is a multiagency group that will meet several times through the master plan development process to provide information on the STCs and input on the potential master plan recommendations. More detail about the CSC is below.


    Members Representing Bundle 1

    • Capital Area MPO—Chris Lukasina, Alex Rickard
    • Down East RPO—Patrick Flanagan
    • Eastern Carolina RPO—Patrick Flanagan, Chris York
    • Goldsboro MPO—Jennifer Collins
    • Greenville MPO—Ryan Purtle
    • Jacksonville Urban Area MPO—Anthony Prinz
    • Mid-Carolina RPO—Mike Rutan
    • Mid-East RPO—Jamie Heath
    • New Bern Area MPO—Kimberly Maxey
    • Upper Coastal Plain RPO—James Salmons
    • US 70 Commission—Durwood Stephenson
    • NCDOT Division 2—Diane Hampton
    • NCDOT Division 3—Alan Pytcher
    • NCDOT Division 4—Jimmy Eatmon
    • NCDOT Division 5—David Keilson
    • NCDOT Transportation Planning Division—Kerry Morrow, Nastasha Earle-Young, Heather Hildebrandt, Brian Wert, Pam Cook, Daniel Sellers
    • NCDOT Rail Division—Neil Perry
    • NCDOT Planning and Programming Division—David Wasserman
    • NCDOT Feasibility Studies Unit—Derrick Lewis
    • NCDOT Congestion Management—Jim Dunlop
    • NCDOT Project Management Unit—Gary Lovering, Tatia White
    • NCDOT Public Involvement—Jamille Robbins
    • NCDOT Public Transportation—Debbie Collins
    • NCDOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Unit—Betsy Kane
    • NCDOT Aviation—Stephanie Sudano
    • NCDOT Project ATLAS—Adam Spiller, Anna Reusche, Wendee Smith
    • FHWA—Bill Marley, Eddie Dancausse
    • US Marine Corps—Tim McCurry
    • NCDOT Ports— Stephanie Ayers
    • Global TransPark—Levia F. Williamson


 STC Master Plan

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 Stakeholder Surveys

​Corridor P (Future I-42)
Corridor S (Future I-795)
Corridor X (Jacksonville to Greenville)

 Contact Information

Nastasha Earle-Young
Project Manager
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