• Stakeholder Outreach

    Coordination with various stakeholders is required throughout the development of the state freight plan.

    Stakeholders include the Freight Advisory Committee and Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations:

    • Freight Advisory Committee: Established by the N.C. Department of Transportation, the Freight Advisory Committee consists of public- and private-sector freight stakeholders to engage in NCDOT activities.  The committee serves as a steering committee for the Statewide Freight Plan. 
      View a list of members of the Freight Advisory Committee.
    • MPOs and RPOs: NCDOT is developing the Statewide Freight Plan in coordination with its urban and rural planning partners.  NCDOT will conduct two rounds of coordination meetings with the MPOs and RPOs – one during the development of the freight network assessment and a second to screen strategies and recommendations. 

    NCDOT will conduct a series of interviews and surveys with the state's private sector freight stakeholders.  This includes freight carriers, shippers, logistics service providers, facility operators, industry groups, economic development agencies and other stakeholders. 

          Previous Freight Advisory Committee Meetings


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